Completed: More PJs

My Hawthorn dress is done!  So why I am I posting about PJs?  Well I made a fabric covered belt for the dress, and still need to get a buckle, so I haven’t taken any pics yet.   (BTW, anyone have any favorite sources for belt buckles?  Good ones seem hard to find!)

Anyway, on to the less-exciting PJs.  I made up another pair based on the pattern I copied from my ratty old PJs. There’s not much to tell here.  These went together in two nights (cut the first, sewn the next) which might be a record for me. I’m such a slow sewer, makes me envious of other bloggers who can knock projects out in a matter of hours.

The fabric is a cotton lawn I ordered online somewhere.  It’s light and cool – which is a must for summer PJs.  You might recognize it.  I used it to finish my facings on my Hawthorn.  And the tie was repurposed from a package of washcloths that I bought at Target. The pre-sewing me would have tossed the ribbon out, but now I see little things like that as free notions!


It’s a Pyjama Party!!

Woot!  It’s Pyjama Party day!  I’m excited . . . my attempt at copying a pair of my old RTW pajamas worked!!

These are perfect for a lazy Sunday morning, of sipping coffee, and doing nothing.

I made these in a light weight cotton, with a cute butterfly print.

I’m so happy, they turned out pretty much just like the old ones.





Now that I know the pattern works, I see many more pairs in my future.  Thanks Karen for hosting the Pyjama Party!

Pyjama Party: No Pattern Needed

It’s Pyjama Party time!   I missed out on the first one, so I was really excited when I saw that Karen was hosting another pajama sew along!  The sew along is based on Sewaholic’s new Tofino pajama pants, but any pattern is welcome.   So I decided to do something a little different and new to me.  I’m copying a pair of my RTW pajama pants.

Here’s the original pajamas.  They are a soft, lightweight cotton, and perfect for cooler summer nights.  I’ve literally worn these things to shreds.

Look at that waistband.  Definitely time to replace them.

Since these were in such bad condition, I decided rip them apart, rather than try the rub-off method to copy them.  I unpicked the seams, and paid close attention to how the waistband was sewn.  (I was curious how that contrast fabric on the inside was put together.)  I probably could have just cut the seams apart, but I thought I’d get a more accurate pattern piece from seam ripping.

Next I pressed my pieces flat.  Then, because the fabric was in such bad shape, I traced them onto paper. I marked the grain line (which was easy to determine from the old pajamas due to the pink stripes).  I also made a note of the seam allowances, and all other relevant markings, such as where to place the holes for the draw string.

Here’s the finished pattern pieces.


I’ve cut out my new fabric, and just need to sew these up. Hopefully I will have a new pair of favorite pj’s soon!

A Look Back

This weekend I decided to take a look back at some of my early sewing projects.  For the most part these garments have been tucked away in the back of my closet since I made them.  (With the exception of the pajamas, I think I wore each item out in public only once. Then I quickly came home and hid them away, where, in my opinion, they should stay.)  But today I decided to pull them out and reluctantly photograph them.  So here you go world – my early projects.

First up, my “moo-jies.”  This was the first thing I sewed after I got my sewing machine.

I used Simplicity 9871.  This is a unisex pattern, which meant that I had A LOT of extra crotch room.  They were also ridiculously high wasted.  I ‘fixed’ that by cutting a few inches off the waistband and reattaching it. I actually like these pajamas.  They are warm and soft, and I love the cows.

Second I made a denim skirt.

I used McCall’s 3341.  I actually made a muslin for this skirt, and it was my first time sewing darts, and installing an invisible zipper.  The finishing leaves a lot to be desired though!


This skirt is okay, but it rides up at the waist, so it’s not very comfortable to wear.  Also I really dislike my rushed, machine sewn hem.
denim 2

Third I made another McCall’s 3341 skirt.  This time I used a bright printed cotton.
I should have lined this skirt.  When I wear it, it sticks to my legs and pulls in funky non-attractive way. Also, look at that terrible finishing.  I’m embarrassed.  This is what impatience looks like.

blue 2

Next I went back to pajamas, and tried my hand at a knit fabric.  I used Butterick B5432.  I don’t have a good picture of these (they were in the wash today – yes I actually still wear these).  They fit pretty well, the problem is that they are UGLY.

Me Made May 5-23

Then I made this top.

There are so many things wrong with it.  First, it’s huge and looks like a pregnancy top.  Second, I got seduced by the quilting cotton at the fabric store.  I really loved the prints.  But it has terrible drape, and it’s not very soft.  And finally, it just looks really juvenile to me.  I think it might be cute on a five year old.
big 2

But I did find a good use for the fabric.  I made a pressing ham and seam roll out of it!  I found the patterns here.
Finished Seam Roll & Pressing Ham

Finally I made this shirt.

I used McCall’s M5522.  I like this pattern and plan to work on the fit and make it again.  But what was I thinking with the orange print?


Again, I got seduced by the quilting cotton.  Live and learn.  I’ll consider this my wearable muslin. This was a good project though because I learned how to make buttonholes and a collar.

So that’s about it for the early stuff.  Oh wait!  I just remembered that I also made a couple of aprons.  I totally forgot about those.  Maybe I’ll do a part 2 post.  🙂

Until then, I’m going to put these back away, where they belong.