Completed: Nurmilintu Scarf

My knitting output has really slowed, mostly due to the fact that I don’t knit it as often I as I used to.  So I’m kind of excited to have a finished knitting project to share.

This is the Nurmilintu scarf.  It’s a free pattern, available on Ravelry.

This is a pretty easy lace pattern.  It’s knit entirely in garter stitch, so there’s no purling.  The nice thing about this is that the scarf ends up reversible.


The pattern calls for sock weight yarn.  But I used lace weight held double. It’s Knit Picks shadow lace yarn in the Opal Heather colorway.  I’ve had this yarn in my stash for maybe 3 years, or more.


In my pre-sewing days, I used to knit lace all the time.  So it was nice to go back and do a little lace knitting again.



Completed: Traveling Woman Shawl

Whenever I need a relaxing knit, I like to turn to a pattern I’ve made before.  That’s exactly what I did with my latest project: the traveling woman shawl.  (my Ravelry notes here.)  This is the fifth time I’ve knitted this pattern!
Travelling Woman
The original version of this pattern is available for free.  Although there is a revamped version of this pattern for sale, I personally find the free one is fine.  (If you are looking at the pattern’s Ravelry page, scroll all the way to the bottom to find the link to the free version.)  It knits up into a nice little shawl, that I wear as a scarf.

I knitted this with Malabrigo Sock yarn, in the Cote D’Azure colorway.  It’s a lovely deep blue with dark purple undertones. This was my first time using Malabrigo, and it is a lovely soft yarn.  I will definitely use it again!
Travelling Woman
Travelling Woman

Travelling Woman

Finally here’s a peek at the the yarn I’m using for my next project:

Completed: Fall Trellis Shawl

This pattern is actually called the Spring Trellis Shawl, but seeing how it is fall and the yarn is this lovely coffee colored alpaca, it just doesn’t feel right to refer to this shawl as spring-anything.  🙂
Fall Trellis
fall trellis 2
I started this as my travel project when I went to Hawaii in October.  The pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry.  (My Ravelry notes are here.)  It’s a great pattern, I found it easy to follow and understand.  It only has charts though, which I like, but I know some knitters prefer patterns that are written out.  It also has nupps, which can be a challenge to knit.  My trick is to make sure and knit them really really loosely, and to knit with super pointy needles.

The yarn I used is a lace weight alpaca that had been sitting in my stash for a couple of years.  It’s such a lovely yarn, soft and light, but still warm.  The only downside, I think, is that it doesn’t show off the nupps as well as a wool/silk blend would.

Fall Trellis

See the bobbles? They kind of get lost in the haze of the alpaca.

Here’s how it looked when I was finished knitting.  Scrunched up and not that pretty.

Fall Trellis Pre-Blocking

So I blocked it, and the lace opened up nicely:

Fall Trellis
Fall Trellis
Fall Trellis

I really like this and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it since it’s a neutral color.
fall trellis


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Knitting Prep

I decided to cast on a new project for my plane ride tomorrow.  I had a shawl going, and was going to bring that.  But I realized this morning that I’d made a serious mistake and needed to frog the whole thing.  😦   After my last knitting fail, I decided to ditch the project before I wasted any more time on it!

So I started fresh with the Spring Trellis Shawl pattern, and some yummy brown lace yarn I found in my stash.  This is a charted lace pattern.

I prefer knitting lace from charts.  I find it is easier to keep my place and easier to follow along.  But sometimes I get mixed up when I look at the symbols, and read them incorrectly.  So whenever I start a new pattern, I prep it by getting out my colored pencils.  I’ve found I can easily remember that green means K2tog!

Knit Prep

Knit Prep
After I colored my charts, I got out my “swift” and wound my yarn.  I’ve thought of getting a real swift, but I rather like my Tinkertoys.
2012-09-30 14.53.38

Then I cast on the first itty bit, and now I’m all set to go!

2012-09-30 16.53.22

Olympics, Knitting, and (Lack of) Sleep

It’s been quiet around the blog this week.  I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the Olympics.  Is anyone else staying up way too late watching the games?  I have been.  Every night.  We just cannot turn the TV off and get to bed.  Total lack of self control.

Happily all the TV time = knitting time.  And my first event for the Ravellenic Games is done!

I started with this:
Peggy Sue
And turned it into this:
Frogging Trampoline FO

Now I’m in the process of making another Miette with the yarn.  Here’s where I’m at so far.
Miette 3
Unfortunately this yarn has been making my hands and arms ache, so it’s been slow going.  For me, cotton is really hard to knit with because it doesn’t have much elasticity.  This yarn is a wool/cotton blend.  The wool helps a lot – but it’s still a problem.  It’s frustrating because I forgot that this yarn has this problem for me.  Oh  well.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I probably won’t finish before the end of the Olympics.

When the sweater gets too hard to handle anymore, I started another project to rotate in.
It’s a lace shawl, knit in 100% wool.  The light, soft lace has been a welcome break from the dense sweater yarn.

Because of all the knitting/Olympics action my sewing has been mostly ignored.  I do have a little sneak peak of my latest WIP though!

Hopefully I’ll have a completed dress to share soon!