Completed: Another Vogue 8379

After the success of my first Vogue 8379, I decided to make another.

Wrap 2

I made a couple of minor changes this time.  I went with the short sleeve version, and then shortened the sleeves an extra couple of inches.  I also lengthened the bodice by 1/2″. On my last dress, I thought the length was okay.  But after wearing it a few times, I decided it would be more comfortable if it was longer.  I was right, now the ties rest in a more natural spot.

Wrap 2

The fabric is an ITY knit that I ordered online a long time ago.   It sat in my stash because I wasn’t sure about the print.  It’s a brighter fabric than I normally choose.  But I think it pairs nicely with this pattern.

I’m particularly happy with how I got the colors to match up along the wrap side.

Wrap 2

And no gaping, yay!

Wrap 2

Here’s the inside.

Vogue 8379

Vogue 8379

I omitted the facings again. (I just turned the seam allowances under and top stitched them down.)

Vogue 8379

I wanted to make sure the ties were securely attached, so I stitched around in a rectangle. (Last time I only had one line of stitching holding the ties on and they feel a bit wobbly.  I need to go back and reinforce them.)

Vogue 8379Vogue 8379

I’m also happy to report that I did a better job finishing the seam with the tie opening this time around.  🙂

Vogue 8379

I seriously could make several more of these dresses (and maybe I will)!

Wrap 2


Completed: A Wrap Dress (Vogue 8379)

I’m very late to the wrap dress game, but I’m so glad I finally jumped on board!

wrap dress

The pattern I used is Vogue 8379.  I had this pattern on my list of “to buy” patterns for months, but every time the Vogues went on sale, it was sold out.  Then finally one night I got lucky and found a slightly crumpled copy shoved into the back of the drawer.

wrap dress

The fabric is an ITY knit that I ordered on sale from FabricMart.  Its got a nice fluid drape, is opaque and feels slightly spongy and not too polyester-y, like some ITY knits do.  I think its going to hold up well.  (Though I’ve only worn it about 3 times, so it’s probably too soon to predict.)

wrap dress

When I initially sewed this up, I followed the pattern and added the front bodice facings. That was a mistake. (I should have listened to the reviews of this pattern that mentioned omitting the facings.  I am stubborn though and thought I could make it work, ha.)   No matter what I did those facings wanted to roll to the outside. ;(

wrap dress

~Apologies for the Instagram pic. (btw, if you want to see more of my sewing, follow me over there, my Instagram feed is a lot more active than the blog. My username is MarrieB.)

I knew I wouldn’t be happy with the dress if I left it like that.  So I recut the front bodice pieces and sewed it up again without facings.  I just folded under the 5/8″ seam allowance and stitched them down.  Here’s what front looks like from the outside:

And the inside:

This worked great, and the front of the bodice is nice and snug and doesn’t gape.  Has anyone had success with facings on a knit dress like this?  I’m just curious.

The other trouble I encountered was sewing the opening for the tie.  I constructed the dress on my serger, which was super fast.  But the inside around the opening isn’t finished very elegantly.  Oh well, it’s not visible from the outside.
Wrap Dress

I had a hard time getting a decent flat picture of this one.  Here it is looking more like an old bathrobe than a dress.


As far as fit alterations, all I did was a forward shoulder adjustment. On the sleeves, I left off the cuffs and just hemmed them with a single row of stitching.

This dress is so easy to wear, I think I need 5 more!   Plus, I like the slight swish factor.

wrap dress

Completed: Another Knit Dress

Well, I took an unexpected blogging break, but I’m back!    And I finally have a finished project I can share.  (I’ve been doing some secret sewing too – more on that soon.)   But I’ll warn you, this make is kind of boring – it’s exactly the same as my last dress (Simplicity 1808, view A).

spotted dress 3.jpg

I’ve been spending most of my weekends working on my house, so I wanted a quick and  easy project that I didn’t have to think too much about.

spotted dress 2.jpg

Trying out our new deck for photos. It connects shedquarters to the house. Can’t wait to get it stained and get some patio furniture out here. 🙂

This time around, I used an ITY knit that I got at Mood LA earlier this year.  I love that it’s spotty, without being a traditional uniform polka dot.

spotted dress 4.jpg

This knit is a bit slinkier than the knit I used last time, so the neck band was a little harder to sew.  The fabric below the “V” at the back turned out puckery.  Sadly, no amount of pressing has fixed it.  🙂

Spotted Dress Details

Last time, I left the sleeves un-hemmed.  This time, I turned the hems under and fused them with some Steam-A-Seam.  It worked great.

spotted dress 5.jpg
Spotted Dress Details

In fact, I cheated and did the same thing to my hem.  I was going to use my double needle on the hem, but the fabric kept puckering and getting wavey.  So I just fused it.  🙂  Hope it will hold up in the wash.

Spotted Dress Details


I think the dots ended up blending pretty well along the back seam, especially since I didn’t even try to match the pattern.

Spotted Dress Details


Nothing fancy on the inside.  I do love that you don’t have to finish seams on knits though!

Spotted Dress Details
Spotted Dress Details

I’m glad to have another comfy, easy to wear dress, but I think it’s time to move onto another pattern!
spotted dress 1.jpg

Completed: My First ITY Knit Dress!

I’m pretty excited about my latest dress!  It’s the first time I’ve sewn with an ITY knit.  I was a little apprehensive about it, but it turned out to be super easy.

ITY dress 4

I’ve had this fabric in my stash for maybe two years.  I wasn’t in love with the print, which is part of the reason it sat unused for so long.  But now that I’ve sewn it up, I quite like it.

ITY dress 3

The pattern I used is Simplicity 1808.  It’s a simple design, the sleeves and bodice are cut all-in-one, so you don’t have to set in any sleeves.  It also doesn’t require much fabric.  I think I used 1.5 yards.

ITY Dress Details

I wasn’t sure what size to cut, since this was my first knit dress, and I knew fitting would be different than with a woven fabric.  So I looked at the finished garment measurements (which are printed on the pattern pieces – thank you Simplicity!) and made my best guess.  I ended up blending 3 sizes (10 at bust, 8 at the waist, and 14 at the hip).  I think it turned out just right.

ITY Dress 2

The only change I made was on the sleeves.  The pattern tells you to sew a casing and add elastic, to make a fitted cap sleeve.  I tried it and found it uncomfortable and awkward looking.  So I opted to just leave the sleeves unhemmed and kind of flouncy. I love that ITY knit doesn’t ravel!

ITY Dress Details

ITY Dress Details

As for sewing techniques, I sewed this on my regular machine, with a stretch stitch (the one that looks like a lightning bolt.)  I also tried using my walking foot.  But the fabric kept sticking to it and bunching up behind the needle.  In the end, I put my regular foot back on, and didn’t have any issues.


I used a twin ball point needle for the hem.  It’s a little wonky in spots, but overall okay.  I probably just need a bit more practice with it.

ITY Dress Details

This dress came together so quickly and easily that I want to make tons more!  Plus it’s comfy and requires no ironing – perfect for days when I’m running late (which is pretty much always!)
ITY dress 1

In other non-sewing news, my little houseguest, Zoe, has gone back home to live with her momma.  🙂  We had so much fun with her, it was kind of a sad day to see her leave.

I caught a beagle

I’m really gonna miss this little beagle face.