More DIY Ideas

In addition to the thread rack I made, there are a couple of other DIY projects I completed for Shedquarters that I thought I’d share. The first is the black and white sewing machine “art” in this photo:

Shed Studio

Basically, this is just a canvas from the art store with the sewing machine silhouette spray painted onto it.  Super easy!

Shed Studio

The sewing machine is a free graphic that you can find here.  I blew it up and printed it out, then carefully cut it out with an exacto knife to make a stencil.  I taped my stencil to the canvas, and spray painted it.

Picture DIY

I could have done a better job taping it down, and should have used heavier paper for the stencil, because I got some paint flare around the edges.  But I’m okay with it.  Reminds me that my sewing doesn’t need to be perfect!

Picture DIY

My other project also involved a stencil and spray paint.  I made a monogramed door mat for Shedquarters.  I got the idea here.


You may recognize the D, it’s the same one I embroider on my garments as a label.  (In case you are wondering why the D, my first name starts with a D. 🙂 )

I downloaded the letter template from this site, and followed the same steps as with the sewing machine picture.  I got my plain rug at IKEA.


So there you go, get some spray paint and make a stencil . . . it’s a cheap and easy way to make all kinds of custom projects.  🙂Picture DIY


DIY Thread Rack

When I was organizing Shedquarters, I knew I wanted to get my thread up on the wall where I could see it.  Previously, I jammed it all into a tiny drawer, and it wasn’t working out very well for me.

Shed Studio

I initially thought I might purchase some thread racks.  Then, one Saturday afternoon I was walking through our garage and stumbled across a piece a scrap wood that had a hole drilled near one end, and I realized I could easily make my own!

Basically, I took the piece of wood, sanded it down, painted it, and drove some nails into it.  If you’d like to make something similar, here’s a list of the materials I used:

— Wood (I used a 1 x 6 board, that is about 30 inches long.)

— Paint (I used a combination of flat and high gloss black paint. I painted flat paint around the edges as a ‘frame’ and high gloss in the middle.)

— 3″ Nails (I got the “Bright Finish” kind, with small heads so my spools would easily slip onto them.  They were smoother and shinier than the other nails I found at the hardware store.)

thread holder DIY

After I sanded and painted the wood, I marked where I wanted my nails to go. I determined I could fit 16 rows, of 3 spools wide. Then I used a small drill bit to make pilot holes for the nails.

thread holder DIY

This made driving the nails in much quicker and easier.

thread holder DIY

And that’s it! A super simple (and cheap) thread rack.

Shed Studio

Me Made May – Week One Down

The first week of Me-Made-May is done, and I met my goal of sporting me-mades to work at least three times.
On Wednesday (The first day, you’ve seen this one before), I wore my red Sorbetto Top.
MMM 13 - May 1

On Thursday, I wore my Blue Rose Truffle.
MMM 13 - May 2
It was SO sunny Thursday morning, it was a shame to have to go to work!

Friday I wore my Licorice Dress.
MMM 13 - May 3
Friday’s photo theme was water – so I posed by the “watering hole” in my kitchen.

I didn’t wear any me-mades today.  😦  I go for comfort on weekends and mostly wear knits and jeans (or pj’s!).  Since I haven’t learned how to make t-shirts yet, my me-made options are seriously lacking. I’m hoping to tackle learning to sew knits soon though!

Even though I didn’t wear any handmade garments today, I did work on one! I got behind in my tailoring class, so I’ve been catching up on my jacket. Been working on setting the collar.
2013-05-02 21.08.10
2013-05-02 21.21.11

I realized that I really needed a point pressure, for pressing the seams open around the collar. So I rummaged around the garage and made one!
2013-05-04 16.38.03
2013-05-04 16.38.142013-05-04 16.39.10

It’s just two pieces of scrap wood, connected with two screws and sanded down. I will probably go back and sand down a point on one end. It’s a little on the small side, compared to the ones you can buy, but it worked fine for what I needed it to do today.  Gotta love cheap homemade sewing tools, right?!

Completed: Knitting Project Bag

When I travel, I always bring some knitting with me.  But I’ve never had a proper project bag.  So today, I whipped this up, just in time for our vacation on Monday!
knitting bag 1

I used some scraps of quilting cotton I found in my closet, and lined it with left over Bemberg rayon.  I wanted a slippery lining so that the yarn will pull out easily as I knit.

knitting bag inside

I’m really happy with this little project.  I followed this tutorial.  It was really easy, and used barely any fabric.  The only change I made was to add interfacing to the main fabric, so that the bag will stand open on its own.
knitting bag 3

So, now I think I’m ready for vacation.  Oh, except packing. . . .

PS – If you’re wondering, the project is a lace shawl called Omelet.