Boat Curtains in Action

Months ago I made some curtains for my Dad’s sail boat.  When we went for a visit a couple weeks ago, we went down to the dock, and I finally got to see them in action.
2013-02-10 14.58.17

Sorry, these pics aren’t very good – it’s hard to get a good shot inside the boat!
Boat curtains 3
Boat curtains 2

The curtains ended up matching the boat’s blue cushions perfectly, which was surprising because I ordered the fabric online without ever seeing the inside of the boat! (You can just barely see the top of the cushion below.)
Boat curtains

I was worried these might not work, but they turned out fine. It’s so nice to see my handmade gift being used. Even more so because I didn’t love making these curtains! 😉 Isn’t it the best feeling when your sewn or knitted gifts are appreciated?


Completed: Boat Curtains

Remember way back in July, when I mentioned I was going to make some boat curtains for my Dad.  Well, they are finally done!
Completed Curtains
Completed Curtains

I think they turned out pretty good.  They’re not perfect, some of my stitching is a little wonky.  How hard can it be to sew in a straight line?  Well, pretty hard apparently.  (Actually, I think my machine was having difficulty sewing through the the snap tape and multiple layers of fabric.)  Still these are miles above the old ‘flip-flop’ ones.
Curtains before and after

The most difficult part was figuring out how to construct them.  I got some ideas from my 1970’s Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing.
2012-09-02 18.46.19

The end of this book has several home decor projects.  The funniest one is this one for a boy’s room.  Anyone else just see boob pillows?
2012-09-02 18.47.52

Anyway, back to boat curtains.  I started with a tiny practice curtain.  Kind of curtain muslin, if you will.
Tiny practice curtain

I did something new with this project, I used my serger to actually sew my seams.  I’ve only ever used the serger to finish seams, mostly because it still scares me!  It worked really well and was super quick.
Curtains in progress
Curtains in progress

I got a lot of practice with my point turner too.
Point turners rock

These are lined, and the snap tape was reclaimed from the old curtains.
Completed Curtains
Completed Curtains

My favorite part is that I managed to line up the print, so this is how the curtains will look when they are closed:
Completed Curtains - Matched up Print!

So now that these are done, it’s time to get my Simplicity 2703 dress finished.  It just needs a zipper and hem!

Challenge: Boat Curtains

I’ve got a new challenge sitting on my sewing table:  boat curtains.  No, I don’t have a boat.  But my dad does, so these are for him.  (Actually they are his late Father’s Day gift.)

I asked him to send me the old ones, so I could see what I needed to make.  I got them last week.  They are pretty awful.  Way too cutesy/beach themed for his sailboat.



And look at this terrible blind hemming.  Hardly blind.


The snaps across the top are how they fasten to the boat.

I haven’t figured out what fabric to use yet, but I know I’m going to reuse the snap tape.  So yesterday I sat outside in the sun and starting ripping away.


I love it when I have a sewing project I can take outside!    That’s the one downside to sewing, it keeps me inside too much. 😦