Completed: Archer Button Up Shirt

I’ve got a backlog of garments to blog, and honestly I don’t know if I’ll get to it. So, I thought I’d just start off with the last thing I made: an Archer Button Up from Grainline Studio.


The fabric I chose is a mid-weight linen/cotton blend.  (I ordered it online, but don’t remember where.)   I don’t know if it was an ideal choice for this shirt, it’s a little stiff. But I think it will soften over time since it’s got a high percentage of linen, or at least that’s the hope.


Fit wise, it’s big through the mid back. I wasn’t sure how to get rid of the excess without losing the ease I need through the hip. Looking at it now, I’m thinking maybe a sway back adjustment.  Any thoughts/ideas are definitely welcome. 🙂


I wanted to make this as a loose “topper” kind of shirt, something that I might throw on when it’s cool in lieu of a hoodie. So, even though the fit could be improved, I think it hits the mark for the purpose I had in mind.

Here are some flat shots:





As you can see, I used some polka dots on the inside – I can’t help myself.  🙂  I hemmed the shirt by using a strip of bias tape.  I think it worked pretty well, and it reduced bulk.


I recently got a new sewing machine, and I love the buttonholes it made!  (I will do a full review after I’ve sewn on it longer.)

I always have a tough time sewing collars, and this shirt was no different.  I know I just need more practice.  After ripping it out a few times, I think it turned out pretty good.


One change I made to the pattern was to add tower plackets to the sleeves.  This was my first time sewing these.  Unfortunately, I think they turned out a little too long. But that will be an easy fix for next time.


The pattern doesn’t include tower plackets, so I used this template from Threads.  For sewing instructions, I referred to these tutorials: (1) Sewaholic and (2) Off the Cuff.


So, there you go, that’s my Archer.  I liked this pattern, it went together easily (except for my mental block with sewing the collar).  The sleeves eased in really beautifully, which is a big thumbs up in my book.  I hate wrangling with too much sleeve cap ease.  I think its repeat-worthy, but I want to wear this one for a while before cutting another.



13 thoughts on “Completed: Archer Button Up Shirt

  1. Love this shirt! Especially the polka dots inside. I keep telling myself that I’ll do contrast insides on the next one, and then I never do it. One of these days . . .

  2. What a beautiful shirt! I, too, love the contrast binding you used. The shirt really hangs well. I can see the excess you’re on about in the back. I can see a swayback adjustment helping. But overall, it’s great!

  3. This looks lovely on you. Especially love the polka dots. Don’t worry about the project backlog, I ended up blogging a blouse I made last year only a few weeks ago.

  4. This shirt is EVERYTHING. I love the fit and fabric and the polka dot innards, too. And those buttonholes!

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