Completed: A Wrap Dress (Vogue 8379)

I’m very late to the wrap dress game, but I’m so glad I finally jumped on board!

wrap dress

The pattern I used is Vogue 8379.  I had this pattern on my list of “to buy” patterns for months, but every time the Vogues went on sale, it was sold out.  Then finally one night I got lucky and found a slightly crumpled copy shoved into the back of the drawer.

wrap dress

The fabric is an ITY knit that I ordered on sale from FabricMart.  Its got a nice fluid drape, is opaque and feels slightly spongy and not too polyester-y, like some ITY knits do.  I think its going to hold up well.  (Though I’ve only worn it about 3 times, so it’s probably too soon to predict.)

wrap dress

When I initially sewed this up, I followed the pattern and added the front bodice facings. That was a mistake. (I should have listened to the reviews of this pattern that mentioned omitting the facings.  I am stubborn though and thought I could make it work, ha.)   No matter what I did those facings wanted to roll to the outside. ;(

wrap dress

~Apologies for the Instagram pic. (btw, if you want to see more of my sewing, follow me over there, my Instagram feed is a lot more active than the blog. My username is MarrieB.)

I knew I wouldn’t be happy with the dress if I left it like that.  So I recut the front bodice pieces and sewed it up again without facings.  I just folded under the 5/8″ seam allowance and stitched them down.  Here’s what front looks like from the outside:

And the inside:

This worked great, and the front of the bodice is nice and snug and doesn’t gape.  Has anyone had success with facings on a knit dress like this?  I’m just curious.

The other trouble I encountered was sewing the opening for the tie.  I constructed the dress on my serger, which was super fast.  But the inside around the opening isn’t finished very elegantly.  Oh well, it’s not visible from the outside.
Wrap Dress

I had a hard time getting a decent flat picture of this one.  Here it is looking more like an old bathrobe than a dress.


As far as fit alterations, all I did was a forward shoulder adjustment. On the sleeves, I left off the cuffs and just hemmed them with a single row of stitching.

This dress is so easy to wear, I think I need 5 more!   Plus, I like the slight swish factor.

wrap dress


18 thoughts on “Completed: A Wrap Dress (Vogue 8379)

  1. Pretty dress! Just like you I ignored all warnings and was sure I could make the facings work. Nope. I also folded the seam allowance under, worked like a dream. I found the bodice of this dress ridiculously short. Does ot hit you at your natural waistline or slightly above?

    • It’s a hair short, but fits me pretty comfortably as drafted. My fabric was a 4 way stretch and I think that the weight of the skirt pulls the bodice down. In a different fabric, I might need to add some length though.

  2. It looks lovely. Re the facings…… are probably too young to remember the Vera Randall Knit Wit Course but she had a philosophy that really stands me in good stead ie when sewing with stretch fabric, don’t over cook it………keep it as simple as possible……Vera didn’t even overlock seams. I think your neckline finishes are testament to her philosophy. I love the colour too. Jane

  3. This wrap dress looks great on you! I bought a different Vogue wrap dress pattern that was rated as easy. It doesn’t have a facing, but a narrow hem/seam instead. I’m not sure I love the pattern I used though because there’s a lot more ease in the front bodice. This one looks more fitted in the bodice, which I think is better for a knit wrap dress. I just added this pattern to my “to buy” list!

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