Completed: More Polka Dots

It seems that no matter how excited I am about a project, or how well it’s going, I hit a point along the way where my progress stalls.  Usually it happens at the hemming stage.  That’s what happened with this dress.  Things were going along fine, and then when all I had left was the hem, I let it sit for 3 weeks.  Ah, procrastination, you are my enemy.

blue polka dot dress

Anyway, this dress is Simplicity 1873.  I had passed over this pattern numerous times because I just couldn’t see past the dress pictured on the envelope, which I personally don’t care for.  But during the last $1 pattern sale, I went ahead an picked it up after looking more closely at the line drawings.
Blue polka dot dress
I didn’t make many fit adjustments.  I made a quick bodice muslin and could tell the darts and armholes were off.  So I pulled out my Emery bodice and transferred the dart placement and armhole shape onto the Simplicity pattern.  That worked pretty well, and I’m happy with how it fits.  Although the waist is sitting just a bit too high.  If I make this again I will lengthen the bodice maybe 1/2 inch.  (I was expecting the weight of the skirt to pull the waist down more than it did.)  The waist feels fine with a wide belt though.

Style wise, I did raise the neckline just a little bit, out of personal preference.
Blue polka dot dress

The fabric is a cotton sateen that I got at Mood L.A.   It has a slight stretch, but not much.
Blue polka dot dress

I wasn’t sure how this fabric would be in a full skirt, but it turned out good, I think.  It has enough weight that the skirt doesn’t blow up too much in the breeze.
Blue polka dot dress

The bodice is lined with Bemberg rayon.  Here are a few shots of the insides.
Blue polka dot dress
blue polka dot dress
blue polk dot dress

So, I though I’d try out something different here and post a little video of the dress.  I think it’s helpful to see garments in motion, and I hope it will give you a better sense of the fabric/pattern combo I used. (I got a little extra twirl out of the skirt it due to the wind.)  But this comes with the disclaimer that I’m totally not a model, and I’m fully aware I look a bit ridiculous. 🙂  Okay, so here you go:


20 thoughts on “Completed: More Polka Dots

  1. Love it. Good fit and I love polka dots, and what impressive handling of the dots on the back! The video was a great idea, doesn’t the fabric move well. This looks like a really versatile dress for lots of occasions.

  2. I love this, and I’m adding the pattern to my to-buy-during-big-sales list! It can be hard to find a good polka dot in fashion fabrics–this one is a real winner!

  3. i like your video! I have thought about making videos too. it seems like more sewing/fashion/outfit bloggers would make videos–after all, we want to see how things move!

  4. First I love how you use your Emery bodice to get the Simplicity bodice to work on this dress. So cool! Second, I love the video! It was great to see the movement of the dress! Finally, this is such a pretty dress on you!

  5. Very nicely done. I love seeing the details underneath. I was wondering about your hem technique. What is the fabric that you are attaching to the bottom of the skirt? Is it for adding a little stiffness/stability and weight to the hem?

  6. Love that pattern, especially the pleats. And was great to see the video as well and to see how the fabric moves. I think I buy this and make a flowery summer dress.

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