Completed: A Quilt For Buddy

When the Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge was announced, I knew I was in.  I wanted to make something for Buddy, but I wasn’t sure what.  He already has a couple of jackets I made for him, and he doesn’t need another one.   Then one Saturday afternoon, while I was cleaning out my scrap bin, it occurred to me to make him a quilt.

See, Buddy is the kind of dog that can’t have a thick fluffy bed.  He shreds them.  Every. Time.  So a blanket or towel usually serves as his bed.  (He also has a cot that he likes and can’t destroy.)  So I thought a small quilt would be nice for him, practical, and would get rid of my scraps.


Although calling this a quilt is a pretty generous description.  Both the front and back are just strips of scraps sewn together.  Even the batting is scrap, which I pieced together with a zig zag stitch.  I tried some free motion quilting, but it didn’t go well, so I sewed simple vertical lines.  And instead of binding it, I serged the edges.  I know, totally not good.  And totally lazy. But it’s a dog quilt — that may or may not get chewed up.  So, I decided serged edges would do.


The good news, Buddy likes it, and hasn’t tried to tear it apart yet!  (So maybe one day I will go back and bind those edges for him after all. 🙂 )


5 thoughts on “Completed: A Quilt For Buddy

  1. He looks pleased with his new quilt! Maybe he know better than to chew something you spent time making or maybe it smells like you and he is comforted by that. Nice crazy dog lady make!

  2. Look at him smiling in that last photo! My dogs love blankets. I should make them designated quilts. They currently think that they are entitled to every blanket they encounter. 😀

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