Completed: Polka Dot January Dress

Thanks to daylight savings time, I now get home from work before dark, which makes taking pics so much easier.  So, here it is mid-March, and I’m finally showing you a dress I made in January for the “Polka Dot January” theme I hosted over on the Sewcialists blog.

Polka dot dress

I love polka dots.  Always have.  I can’t image ever tiring of them, to be honest.  Although I do try to restrain myself and resist the temptation to make everything spotted.  I was looking through some old family pictures, and noticed that I come from a line of polka dot wearing ladies.

Here’s me and my great-grandma in the late ’70s.  I think a polka dot shirt dress is pretty timeless, and it could be fun to recreate this dress with shorter sleeves, a shorter hem, and a smaller collar (or in other words McCall 6696, ha).

Polka Dot Ladies

And here’s my grandparents.  Grandma was rocking the polka dot jumpsuit.  Polka dots feel one part classic and one part happy to me, and that’s the feeling I get from this picture.  Classy and fun – which was totally my grandma.  I recently picked up a similar blue polka dot fabric, not sure what it will become though.

Polka Dot Ladies

Anyway, back to my dress . . . . this project started with the fabric, which is a rayon challis. Since I know the the Emery pattern works well with challis, I went ahead and made another Emery.  (No apologies, I love this pattern.)

Polka dot dress

Polka dot dress

To mix things up a little, I hacked the bodice to add an inset waist (using this method).  I added a light interfacing to the waistband piece, and it works nicely.  Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to pattern matching, so the top of the waistband certainly could look better. However, I like that this gives the dress a little more waist definition, without needing a belt.



The rest of the dress is sewn pretty much exactly the same as my prior Emery dresses, so I’ll save you the boring details.  😉

The time change has also motivated me to get back to sewing in the evenings, which I haven’t done in a while.  So hopefully that will result in more finished projects to share soon!


15 thoughts on “Completed: Polka Dot January Dress

  1. I totally agree with you about polka dots – they are classy and fun! I really enjoyed this post and the pictures of your great-grandma and grandmother. And your dress is adorable!

  2. Thanks for sharing the method on adding waistband. Daylight saving is about to finish in the Southern Hemisphere here 😦 I am jealous you are about to have one.

  3. Your dress is lovely, and I like the history you’re able to evoke through it!

    Your grandmother in her blue jumpsuit totally belongs in “My Mom the Style Icon,” by the way.

  4. So pretty Marrie! I really like that you added a waistband! Your family pictures are so great, maybe we do inherit style as well.

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