Completed: Marianne Dress

As you well know by now, I love the Emery dress by Christine Haynes.  So when Christine released her newest pattern, the Marianne dress, late last year, I scooped it up. Here’s my version.


Marianne is designed for knit fabrics, and has a loose fit, and casual vibe.  I paired it with leggings, because it kind of feels more like a long tunic than a dress to me.  This isn’t a dress that I can wear to the office (except on the rare casual day), but I think it will be good for weekend wear, or traveling.


I didn’t make a test version.  I just picked my size based on my upper bust measurement, and then graded out a size at the hip.  I think it fits reasonably well, although I do have some pooling going on at my low back.  A sway back adjustment is in order if I make this again.


I did make a slight change to the neckline.  As drafted, I found it was a little too high for my liking. I realized this mid-construction.  So, I very unscientifically put my dress on, and drew a new neckline with chalk.  (I think I lowered it maybe 1.5 inches.)  Because this made the neckline longer, I had to recut a new (longer) neckband piece.  I determined how long it should be using the method shown in this video.


I also stitched around the neck with my twin needle.


The main striped fabric is a cotton/lycra knit that I purchased at The Fabric Store, in L.A.  I bought this with the intent to make a tee shirt, so I only had one yard.  Thankfully the fabric was really wide, and I was able to get all my pattern pieces to fit.  The contrast is a bit of left over ponte.  I knew it was a risk to mix the two fabrics, but I think it turned out fine.  The only thing I don’t like is that the cuffs are a bit thick, compared to the sleeve.


Speaking of cuffs, I didn’t have any buttons that matched, so I just left them off.  I kind of like it this way.  But I may go back and add them later.

Here’s a couple flat shots.

Bottom line?  I like this dress.  It’s nice.  But I’m not like, ‘in love’ with it on me, if that makes sense.  However, it’s really comfy, and comfy is always a winner in my book, so I still see it getting plenty of wear (in fact, I’ve worn it twice already).  🙂  If you’re just getting into sewing knits, I think this would be a great first project.  The pattern is easy to assemble, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.  So Marianne gets a thumbs up, even though it hasn’t knocked Emery out of her top spot.  😉



Finally, a couple of unrelated notes.  First, I recently re-organized my project pages, so that they are hopefully easier to navigate.  Sewing projects are now organized by pattern company.  Check out the sewing archive here, and knitting archive here. (Permanent links to the pages are at the top of my blog header.)

Second, on the topic of affiliate links, reviews, etc.: If you’ve ever wondered, or cared, I don’t use affiliate links. If I’ve added a link to something, it’s just because I thought it would be helpful for my readers (or me) as a reference.  Also, in the event I do a review or have some sponor-y type thing, I’ll let you know, k. 😉


24 thoughts on “Completed: Marianne Dress

  1. Super cute!!! It’s good to have these in our wardrobe for those casual days. Think of it as day off wear! Marianne hasn’t knocked Emery down from the top spot for me either 🙂 Thanks for making it up and writing your experience! xoxo

  2. very cute dress and it looks so comfy! I can see why you wouldn’t wear this more often, it does look very casual. I really like the contrasting yoke and your choice of fabrics is spot on.

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