Completed: Another McCall 2401

I’ve been fighting what feels like a never-ending cold for the past few weeks, so I haven’t sewn a stitch in a while.  (On the upside, my knitting time has increased. 🙂 )  It works out though since I’ve got a backlog of finished garments.  Here’s another dress that I sewed last month.  Right after I finished my last McCall 2401, I decided to cut another one.  I was curious if it would work in a knit, so I pulled out some black ponte from my stash.

McCall 2401

On this version, I dropped the neckline a little bit, and omitted the back zipper.

McCall 2401

As you can see below, my sleeves are still not sitting right. I tried doing a forward shoulder adjustment, but I haven’t got it quite right yet.  I need to go do some more research.  Does anyone have any tips for this type of alteration?

McCall 2401

The insides of this one are really boring.  I used my serger to make things neat, although with this fabric I really didn’t have to, since ponte doesn’t unravel or fray.

mccall 2401
mccall 2401

I sewed a back kick pleat.  Now that I think about it though, I could have skipped that too, given the stretch factor.

mccall 2401
mccall 2401

Overall, I like this version, but the dress is a little too big.  I didn’t size down when I cut it out, and I suppose I should have.  Next time.  Nevertheless, the dress is really comfortable as is, and a cardigan or jacket can always cover up the wrinkles around the shoulders.


16 thoughts on “Completed: Another McCall 2401

  1. It looks good! With the sleeves, have you considered just rotating the sleeves themselves forward? The underarm/side seam won’t match, but no one’s going to be checking out your arm pits! I don’t know if it would work, but ’tis something to consider. Good luck!

  2. Nice dress Marrie! Ponte is so easy to wear and you were smart to cut another dress so quickly….half the work is done right there. I have gone on cutting “binges” and it helped me get through a lot of projects.

  3. I agree -rotate the sleeves but try try this, ala’ Louise Cutting. Measure the amount of the shoulder seam you moved from the front seam to the back seam. Take this same amount from the front sleeve underarm seam and move it the back sleeve underarm seam. This way, the match points, top of shoulder, and underarm seams all still match but the sleeve is effectively rotated. I believe this tip is in the Thread’s Magazine Insider videos. Works like a dream!

  4. This looks like a wardrobe staple to me! I ALWAYS wear black dresses, so this looks like a winner to me 🙂

    Rochelle just blogged about a Craftsy class that has helped her with shoulder adjustments. I’m kind of curious about it since I need help with that too!

  5. Looks great and I bet it’s a dream to wear! I’m no sleeve genie, but to me it looks like it needs more cap height in the front of the shoulder. That might explain the pull lines, and also how it wings out at the sides? (Reminds me of how my back skirt looks when I need more length in the back to accomodate my butt!). Take this with a grain of salt 😉 and be sure to blog your solution 😀 love your dresses!

  6. This is a great work dress! And believe me I’ve made the same mistake when using a ponte with a woven dress. I usually just go back in and take in the side seams a little.

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