Completed: McCall 2401

Happy Saturday!  I’m about to settle down on the couch to watch football and knit.  But first, let’s talk about this dress that I finished last month.  I wore it for the first time yesterday. (That’s been a recent trend for me, to finish something and then let it sit for a while.)


I’ve had this brown jacket in my closet for years.  I originally had brown pants that went with it, but they died a long time ago, and since then, the jacket has just hung there, unworn.  I don’t wear very much brown, as I prefer black or gray.  So I wanted to make something that would go with the jacket because it’s perfect to wear to work.


The pattern I chose was McCall 2401.
McCall 2401

I’ve made this pattern before, and thought it might become a TNT with a few tweaks.  It’s not quite at TNT status yet, but getting there.  On this version I narrowed the shoulders a bit to rid of some of the excess fabric above the bust that my last version had.  The sleeves still don’t fit quite right, so I need to work on that.


You’ve seen the fabric before, it’s the same cotton that I made my sister’s skirt out of.  It’s maybe a little stiff for this dress, which I think contributes to the wrinkles you see in the pics.  Since the jacket covers the most wrinkly bits, I’m not too concerned about it.


Here’s the dress flat:

McCall 2401 Details
McCall 2401 Details

I cut the lining off above the back slit, so that I didn’t have to futz with attaching the lining to the kick pleat.  I always have a really hard time with that.  But when I wore this yesterday, I noticed the dress wanted to cling a bit to my tights below the lining.  So next time I will work on the lining/kick pleat problem.

McCall 2401 Details

Also when I was sewing the lining, I made a mistake and sewed (and serged) the wrong sides together on one side, so the stitching is exposed on the inside.  I almost unpicked this, but on the wise advice of the ladies on Instagram, left it as is.  🙂

McCall 2401 Details

I used Hug Snug for my hem again, and love it.  I think this may become my go-to method.
McCall 2401 Details

The end result is that I’m really glad I made this dress and am able to give my old jacket new life, even if brown isn’t my favorite color.


24 thoughts on “Completed: McCall 2401

  1. Brown isn’t my favorite color either, so I know how you feel. This dress is lovely! I think it’s such a great TNT pattern. I want to find a similar TNT Pattern one of these days. I love the jacket and it goes really well with your dress.

    • Thanks! I’ve been using rayon seam binding like you would use lace hem tape. I sew the tape to the raw edge of the hem, fold it up , and then hand stitch. It creates a smooth, non-bulky finish.

  2. Hi Marie. Is Hug Dnug an actual brand of tape? Where do you get it? All I can get locally is polyester hem tape at Joanne’s or Hancocks.

  3. Lovely dress! I LOVE this pattern, and have sewn it 4 times so far! I seriously have to drag myself away from it. It did take a bit of time altering it (mainly reducing the design ease), but once that’s done, I just can’t seem to have enough of it.

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