Year End

It’s the season for year-end roundups, reviews, and Top 5 lists.  I’m feeling a little lazy for all that. However, at the beginning of the year I set out what my sewing goals were for 2014. So I thought a follow up post was probably in order.

Of my 5 goals, I met 4 of them.  Last year I said I wanted to: 1) Make a knit top or t-shirt; 2) Complete the Craftsy Jean-ius course; 3) Sew up some special wool that I bought in L.A.; 4) Try sewing a quilt; and 5) Work on balancing sewing time and exercise time.

#1 – I sewed a few knit tops and knit dresses.

knit Collage

What I learned was that sewing t-shirts is not satisfying for me (I like making dresses though).  I wish it was, because they are so useful.  But I’m just not happy with the quality of shirts I can produce.  On most of the tees I’ve sewed, the double needle stitching has come undone.  I’m not saying I will never sew another tee, because I know I will.  But unless I commit to purchasing a coverstitch, I think most of my sewing time will be focused elsewhere.

#2 – I finally watched the Jean-ius course on Craftsy and applied some of the techniques to copy a pair of RTW pants.
pants Collage

#3 – I made a quilt for my brother’s new baby.  I didn’t fall in love with quilting, which is just as well because I don’t have room to start hoarding quilting cottons.  🙂
quilt Collage

#4 – Finally, I did a pretty good job of making time to exercise.  I came up with a cheesy gimmick – my exercise carrot.  The idea is that when the carrot gets full I’ll get a new sewing machine. It’s not quite full yet, but I’ve been making steady progress. I also discovered some new training methods this year that I love, including working with kettlebells and my pull up bar.
carrot Collage

#5 – The thing I didn’t do was cut into my precious wool fabric.  Honestly, I forgot about this one until I went back and read my post from last year.  Oops.  🙂  For a hot second I thought I should try and whip it up into a skirt so that I wouldn’t feel like I failed.  But I quickly realized that was stupid.  I’ll cut into that fabric in due time.

I debated whether I should set sewing goals for 2015, and decided it’s useful to come up with a few things (if I remember them anyway).  So next year I endeavor to 1) sew a wrap dress; 2) sew another tailored jacket; 3) draft a pencil skirt sloper; and 4) learn to use the gathering foot on my serger.

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you have a safe and happy holiday!


8 thoughts on “Year End

  1. Happy new year Marrie! Looks like you did very well achieving your goals. I’m glad you didn’t hastily cut into your wool. Things never go well for me when I rush a project like that.

  2. I definitely struggled with balancing sewing and exercising this year. When I think back to all those weekends I spent glued to my sewing chair I realize how badly I need some balance. Cheesy or not, your carrot is a great idea!

  3. I love your round up! I like your goals for next year, especially drafting a pencil skirt sloper. I have mine and I love it. I want to try a bodice sloper. ha!

    I think I need that carrot. I too need to work on the balance because I’ve sewn more then working out. Hope you have a happy new year!

  4. Oh, I love the idea of the exercise carrot! I’ve been trying to convince myself to exercise more: I sort of go in cycles with doing it or not. Something like the carrot might be just the thing!

    Happy new year!

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