Completed: Another . . . Emery

Okay, I will own it right up front – I am a Pattern Repeat Offender.  I made another Emery.

I did it for 2 reasons.  First, I needed a palate cleanser after my Dahlia experience. Second, I lost one of my other Emery’s – I think I left it in a hotel room.  (RIP Border Print Emery.) I don’t have much new to say about the pattern, so I’ll keep this short.


The fabric is rayon challis I got from  (I don’t see this print right now, but they have lots of other options.)  This feels super girly and more floral than I usually go for.  But I’m kind of into it for some reason.  Maybe it has a slightly 90s vibe that appeals to my inner teenager?

Anyway, onto a couple flat shots:

Emery Details

I lowered the neckline a little bit.


One minor difference is that I used one of the zippers I picked up in NYC.  I hadn’t used a YKK zipper before, but I like it, the zipper tape is just a bit more flexible and softer than the Coats and Clarks zippers I’ve always relied on.

Emery Details

And that’s all I’ve got to say on this one.  Thanks for bearing with me on a boring pattern repeat post.  😉



11 thoughts on “Completed: Another . . . Emery

  1. That’s sad you lost one of your Emery’s! Repeat pattern offending is really just finding a TNT, and really they are the best after a frustrating sewing experience. This dress is very pretty.

  2. I love reading and seeing repeat patterns! Only way to figure out which patterns are worth getting :-). Love your neat interior – cant wait to be that good one day.

  3. But you did your hair differently! 😉

    Love this one too – the colors are fantastic! I also love those YKK zippers – so much better than the C&C ones, IMO. I always got them at the local fabric store in my neighborhood, and they closed last month – it’s these zippers I’ll miss the most!

  4. Repeating a pattern is a bad thing???!!!! What? I don’t think so…if it works and you love it. There are so many different fabrics to choose from that they all look different anyway. Another beautiful dress Marrie.

    • I was just thinking about you losing your dress..I’m sorry you lost it but I hope whoever finds it will appreciate it and wear it well!

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