Completed: Lady Skaters

Hi!  It’s been a while. Sometimes after not blogging for a time, it feels awkward to break the silence and get back to posting.  So, rather than think about it too much, I’m just going to jump back in here with a couple of new dresses.
Lady Skater 1

A couple months ago, I was getting ready to pack for a trip to NYC.  Pretty last minute, I decided knit dresses would be a good addition to my travel wardrobe.  Enter the Lady Skater pattern. This is another one of those patterns that has been around the blogosphere for a while, but was new to me.  I’m sad I waited so long to try it.  It’s a great pattern and was easy to sew.

Lady Skater 1

I made two versions, one as drafted and one with a gathered skirt.  The fabrics for both came from my stash.  Unfortunately these are mystery fabrics because I can’t remember where I purchased them or exactly what kind of knits they are.

I sewed this gray dress first, and it is my favorite.  The knit is pretty thick and has good stretch recovery.  It’s like a high quality t-shirt.
Lady Skater 1

The only real problem with the dress is the is excess pooling at the back.  I plan to fix this next time I sew the pattern.
Lady Skater 1

I top stitched the neckline with my twin needle.  But, sadly my needle broke right after this, so dress #2 doesn’t have nice double top stitching.
Lady Skater

I also used clear elastic to stabilize the waist.  It works, but sometimes when I move, the seam allowance folds down, and the clear elastic feels itchy against my skin. I picked up some thin cotton-ish elastic in NYC that I’m going to try next time.

Lady Skater

ETA: Here’s a pic of the elastic I got.  I think it’s really for bras, but I’m going to try it anyway.

For the second dress, I chose a green knit.  I’m not loving this one so much.
lady skater 2

The fabric is really stretchy, so the waist ended up sitting very low — even after I cut a couple inches off the bodice.   It’s also clingy and wants to show every lump and bump.

lady skater 2

To make the gathered skirt, I cut two wide rectangles and then gathered them using the clear elastic.
Lady Skater

Because this dress is clingy, I will probably always wear it with a sweater and tights. I like it much better covered up.
lady skater 2

Here’s a couple of flat shots of each.
Lady Skater
Lady Skater

Lady Skater
Lady Skater

I think I’m an official fan of casual knit dresses now.   These are comfy and were great for traveling.  I’ve definitely got plans to make a few more!


20 thoughts on “Completed: Lady Skaters

  1. I’m such a fan of basic knit dresses, too! I love how comfy and easy they are, yet I feel so put together wearing them. 😉 I’d love to see the soft elastic you bought in NYC – I had the same problem with the clear elastic I used in my Moneta dresses. With tights underneath, it’s not as itchy, but still something to think about changing up next time!! These dresses are both really lovely on you!! 🙂

  2. I haven’t joined the Lady Skater club yet. I want to. But I’m so used to woven dresses. I’m not sure how I feel about a knit dress. The comfort would be great, but I’m not a fan of clingy. That’s my biggest hesitation.

    • It took me a while to transition from wovens, and I still enjoy sewing them the most, but knits are fun too, and comfy to wear. I think as long as you use a thicker knit, the clingy isn’t so bad.

  3. Your skaters are quite flattering on you, especially the gray one. This is my favorite pattern. I’ve only made it 5 times😉including a long sleeved gray one.

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