Completed: V-Neck Emery Dress

Guess what, I made another Emery Dress hack!  I know, I’m surprising no one with this.

V-Neck Emery

But this dress is special because it’s NYC bound!

V-Neck Emery

Yep, next Saturday, I’ll be shopping in the garment district!  I’m so excited, and can’t believe the trip is only a week away! Broadway shows are also on our agenda, so I wanted to make a new dress to wear.

V-Neck Emery

For this version of Emery, I re-drew the neckline into a v-neck, and added the skirt from Simplicity 2444.

V-Neck Emery

I found the fabric at a local shop.  I’m pretty sure its 100% poly, but I liked the texture and color.

V-Neck Emery

Because the fabric is pretty heavy, I knew gathers wouldn’t work.  So that’s why I used the Simplicity 2444 skirt. Now that the dress is finished, I’m wondering how a half-circle skirt would have looked.  I also made a tie belt, but am not sure if I like it.

V-Neck Emery

I stabilized the v-neck with twill tape, and it worked well.  It doesn’t gape, which is nice.

V-Neck Emery

I kept the finishes pretty simple.  The bodice is lined per the Emery instructions.  I finished the armholes by sewing them on my machine using this method from Colette patterns.

V-Neck Emery
V-Neck Emery

I also used lace hem tape.  I haven’t used this stuff in a while and I forgot how easy it is.

V-Neck Emery

The other bonus to this fabric is that it’s wrinkle resistant, and with the crinkly texture, any wrinkles it does get won’t really show.  So it will pack well.  Speaking of packing, I’m trying to plan strategically so I have enough room in my bag to bring fabric home!

V-Neck Emery

Along those lines, does anyone have tips or suggestions for the garment district?  I’m putting together a list of stores and a list of fabrics I want to look for. I plan to wear comfy shoes and am prepared to be overwhelmed – hopefully in a good way! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Completed: V-Neck Emery Dress

  1. Ah you read my mind. I am planning this neck variation for Emery, great execution. Great to see the back works too with those darts. I think without the belt, there is so much texture and interest it looks good on it’s own. Other methods aside from tape include selve edge strips, or a suitable woven interfacing strip. I stabilise everything including zip edges, and often use interfacing.

  2. So lovely! Perfect for an evening out!

    The shop I liked most when I visited NYC in May was B&J Fabrics – likely because of their large selection of Liberty fabrics! But also because it’s smaller and quieter than Mood. I’m easily overwhelmed.

    I didn’t actually buy too much in NYC this year, but last year when I went to SF, I ended up mailing stuff home to myself! So remember that as an option, if you’re going to still be there on a weekday 🙂

  3. Beautiful dress! I love the v neck mod. Which weekend are you going to New York? Liz (zilredloh) and I are going to be there for the day on Oct4 and are planning to get together with a couple ladies for some fabric shopping adventures. It’d be great to meet you if we happen to be there at the same time. 🙂

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