Completed: Polka Dot Emery Dress Hack

I had an idea for an Emery Dress hack floating around my head.  I was also feeling the need for a new polka dot dress.  This is what I ended up with.  Unfortunately, this turned out to be one of those projects where the fabric was not a good match for the pattern.

polka dot Emery hack

Wrinkle and pucker city, ugh.

The fabric is a polka dot cotton shirting that I got at Mood L.A. over a year ago.  I bought it with the intention to make a shirt.  I should have done that.  This fabric just does not have the drape necessary for this dress.

polka dot Emery hack
polka dot Emery hack

I started with the Emery bodice, and redrew the neckline to match the one from the vintage pattern on the right.  Then I added the skirt (view A) from Butterick 5951.

polka dot Emery hack

I lined the bodice with bemberg rayon, as usual.

polka dot Emery hack
polka dot Emery hack

A couple bright spots are the catch stitching on the hem, it turned out really even. 🙂

polka dot Emery hack

And the armhole finish turned out nice.

polka dot Emery hack

I kind of knew this fabric wasn’t going to work, but I went ahead with it anyways.  Oh well.  I may revisit this hack again with a different fabric.  But not right away.  For now I’ll consider this my ‘live and learn, and move on’ dress.

polka dot Emery hack


8 thoughts on “Completed: Polka Dot Emery Dress Hack

  1. I didn’t notice any puckering at all in the pictures before you mentioned it, but we’re always critical of our own makes… I’m sorry it didn’t turn out the way you wanted, but the design is lovely so you should definitely have a new go at it sometimes 🙂

  2. Such a shame because, without the puckering, this is a STUNNING dress – the fit is great, the shape is beautiful. But I so know that feeling of “I don’t know if this is going to work… ah well lets try anyway -> and then it going wrong anyway.

    Are you planning on making another version?

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