Me Made May and the T-Shirt Factory

It’s Me Made May season again, and one of my favorite times of year!  This is my third year participating. This time I pledged to wear a me-made item every day during the month of May, with an exception for days when I’m traveling.  (Although, if it turns out to be practical, I will wear me mades on travel days too.)  If you want to follow my Me-Made-May progress, I’ve been posting daily outfit shots on Instagram (I’m MarrieB over there) and in the Flickr pool.

MMM Day One.

Outfit post from May 1.

The most difficult part of my challenge this year will be having enough casual clothes for the weekends.  But I’ve been working on that.  Lately I’ve been dipping my toes in the water with knits, and have sewn a few t-shirts.  Here’s the first tee I made:


The pattern is the Maria Denmark Kimono Tee, which is a great free pattern.  I picked up the fabric at a local shop, it was labeled “slinky knit.”  I’m not really sure what that means, I think it’s a cotton/poly blend.  But I like the drape it gives the kimono style top.

MMM Day 3

Kimono Tee – May 3rd

Next up, I finally made a Renfrew.

A while back, Funnygrrl from Falling Through Your Clothes hosted an awesome giveaway for a Sewaholic pattern of your choice.  I was the lucky winner, and chose the Renfrew. (Thank you again, Funnygrrl!!!!)  I know 95% of the sewing community has already made up this pattern, but better late, than never, right?  This went together really easily for me.  I used some orange cotton jersey as a wearable muslin, and am happy with the result.


Renfrew  – May 2nd

For my last tee, I copied one of my favorite RTW tops for the pattern.
I’m really happy with this one!  It’s exactly like the original, except with a scoop neck instead of a v-neck.  I plan to make lots more of these.  It looks a lot like the Renfrew, but without the bands.

MMM Day 4

RTW Copy Tee – May 4

I think I’ve been bit by the knits bug.  In fact, I’m off to cut out 4 more shirts right now. . . .


I left my fabric out this morning to rest while I was at work. I’ve been looking forward to coming home to this all day!


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