Completed: Thai Fisherman Pants

I have an affinity for big comfy pants.  So, as soon as I saw Peter‘s Thai fisherman pants, I knew I had to try making a pair.  I’m glad I did, I’m super happy with how these turned out!
Thai Pants 1.jpg

Thai fisherman pants are basically wide shapeless pants that wrap in the front and are held with a tie.  The tall waistband then folds down over the top.

Thai Pants 2.jpg

Here they are flat:

Thai Pants

And tied:

Thai Pants

Black is tough to photograph. Here’s a pic that better shows how the wrap looks in the front. Ignore the totally awkward tree pose, thanks. 🙂

Thai Pants 10.jpg

I think these pants are perfect for relaxing, yoga, or as a beach cover up.  I plan to toss them on over my bike shorts (aka diaper shorts) when I walk to spin class – cause these things ↓ are hideously unflattering to just wear around!

bike shorts

The fabric I used is a 50/50 rayon and linen blend.  It has a nice drape and is light enough to be comfortable, but still heavy enough that it’s opaque.

Thai Pants 4.jpg

For the pattern, I started with this tutorial as a guideline. My first muslin seemed okay.  But I quickly realized that there was a problem.  Despite being wide pants, they were too tight in the rear.  If I sat down or bent forward, it felt like the back seam was going to rip out.

The reason was because the front and back crotch seams were the same shape.

But fronts and backs of pants aren’t identical, as illustrated by these pajamas.





To fix the problem, I redrafted the back crotch curve. The original curve is red and the altered curve is blue.
pattern alterations

I also slashed the back of the pants open and added a panel to increase the ease across the back. I like how it created princess seams.
Thai Pants

The alterations worked.  I can now sit, bend, and even kick (cause I do that a lot, ha!) without any worries of tearing apart my seams.  Yay!
Thai Pants 5.jpg
Thai Pants 6.jpg

EDIT: When I first wrote this post, I indicated that I might write a followup post to provide more details about my pattern, such as the dimensions of the pieces. Unfortunately, I never got around to it, and my pattern and notes have been lost. Therefore, I am not able to provide any further information about the pants aside from what’s in this post.

Thai Pants 7.jpg

As for construction, I serged all the seams except the side seams of the waistband.  I did french seams there since the wrong side of the fabric is exposed when the waist folds down.  Also, the tie is permanently attached to the back waistband.
Thai Pants
Thai PantsThai Pants

I think I might have found my new favorite comfy pants!   So, I’d say Thai fisherman pants are a winner, even though it took a little extra effort to get the pattern just right.

Thai Pants 3.jpg


27 thoughts on “Completed: Thai Fisherman Pants

  1. I’m a fan of Thai fisherman pants, but I’ve never seen a pair that fit so well. Bravo!! I would love to know the dimensions of your pattern pieces and the order in which you sewed them. Maybe even a full-on Thai Fisherman Pants Tutorial!

  2. What a comfortable looking pair of pants. I have a friend that teaches martial arts and as soon as I saw them I thought of him. These would be great for that. I love french seams and yours are fabulous. Great job

  3. Wow, I actually like these a lot! I would have never gravitated to this style on my own, but seeing your version is compelling inspiration for me to want a pair.

  4. Yes, these pants are wonderful and comfy. They are famous in Thailand. Someday, I’ll sew one up with my eco dyed materials. Love your pictures

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  6. I tried using the same pattern that you originally did. It was the first sewing project, and I was excited to make something wearable. But my excitement gave way to disappointment, because I too found the rear to be too tight. I realize it’s been more than a year since you made these, but if you still have the dimensions and stitch order of the altered pattern that you made, I’d love to see them!

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  8. Hi! Love your pants and changes to fit perfect!!! I would love to know the dimensions of your pattern pieces and the order in which you sewed them…. did you finally post anything related??? Thanks!

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