My First Quilt

I made a baby quilt!  It’s a gift for my first niece or nephew – not sure which yet, it’s going to be a surprise!  So I had to keep this project a secret until I got it mailed off to the parents-to-be.

Baby Gifts

I’ve never had a lot of interest in quilting, and this project confirmed that quilting and I aren’t going to be friends.  I’m glad I made this, but I’m fairly confident that it will be my last one. To be honest, I found the whole process to be a bit boring and tedious at the same time.  I couldn’t wait to be done with it, and that usually isn’t how I feel when I sew.

Baby Gifts

Anyway, it turned out to be a cute quilt, and I hope it will be useful for the new baby.  I went with gender neutral colors, and I really like the “forest friends” fabric. Although the orange squares are a bit brighter than I’d intended. (But bright colors are good for babies, right?)

Baby Gifts

The backing is a green striped fabric. I bound the quilt by machine so that it will hold up well in the wash.

Baby Gifts

And I signed and dated it, which is how my great grandmother finished her quilts.

Baby Gifts

I also knitted a couple of baby hats.

Baby Gifts

The first one turned out kind of tall (or cone head shaped).
Baby Gifts

Since I was worried it wouldn’t fit, I made a second one that is shorter and rounder.
Baby Gifts

Hopefully one of them will work.

Baby Gifts

So that’s it for baby projects.  Now it’s time to go back to garment construction!


7 thoughts on “My First Quilt

  1. I think the quilt looks great! I’ve never had much desire to make one as they just look like so much work.

    Your fabric choice is perfect too. I love the woodland animals theme 🙂

  2. Sweet! Love that woodland animals fabric!

    I think about this some times: there are some things we like to sew, and other things we don’t (I’m the same way). But why? Sewing is sewing really! One of life’s great mysteries, I guess!

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