Completed: Another Knit Dress

Well, I took an unexpected blogging break, but I’m back!    And I finally have a finished project I can share.  (I’ve been doing some secret sewing too – more on that soon.)   But I’ll warn you, this make is kind of boring – it’s exactly the same as my last dress (Simplicity 1808, view A).

spotted dress 3.jpg

I’ve been spending most of my weekends working on my house, so I wanted a quick and  easy project that I didn’t have to think too much about.

spotted dress 2.jpg

Trying out our new deck for photos. It connects shedquarters to the house. Can’t wait to get it stained and get some patio furniture out here. 🙂

This time around, I used an ITY knit that I got at Mood LA earlier this year.  I love that it’s spotty, without being a traditional uniform polka dot.

spotted dress 4.jpg

This knit is a bit slinkier than the knit I used last time, so the neck band was a little harder to sew.  The fabric below the “V” at the back turned out puckery.  Sadly, no amount of pressing has fixed it.  🙂

Spotted Dress Details

Last time, I left the sleeves un-hemmed.  This time, I turned the hems under and fused them with some Steam-A-Seam.  It worked great.

spotted dress 5.jpg
Spotted Dress Details

In fact, I cheated and did the same thing to my hem.  I was going to use my double needle on the hem, but the fabric kept puckering and getting wavey.  So I just fused it.  🙂  Hope it will hold up in the wash.

Spotted Dress Details


I think the dots ended up blending pretty well along the back seam, especially since I didn’t even try to match the pattern.

Spotted Dress Details


Nothing fancy on the inside.  I do love that you don’t have to finish seams on knits though!

Spotted Dress Details
Spotted Dress Details

I’m glad to have another comfy, easy to wear dress, but I think it’s time to move onto another pattern!
spotted dress 1.jpg


19 thoughts on “Completed: Another Knit Dress

  1. Looks great. And the decking looks fab! In the UK there are lots in magazines about Sewing Rooms…. But none of them are as fabulous as yours! I think of it every time I see one!

  2. Ooh I really love this dotted fabric!! I think it’s perfect for this dress. And what a beautiful deck!! Can’t wait to see what “secret” sewing you have up your sleeve… 😉 xo

  3. Great dress! I always learn a little bit more when I try the same pattern in a different fabric. Love your sewing room as well. Someday…just maybe…

  4. Great fabric,,for the pattern..fits nice and looks very comfortable…your deck is nice and will get lots of use I am sure…can’t wait to see the secret sewing…

  5. Oh I thought steam-a-seam was temporary and you still had to sew – good to know it’s washable! Very nice dress – I really need to make some more knit dresses, consider they’re so incredibly comfortable.

    • I think it becomes permanent when you iron it. I’m not sure how well it will hold up in the wash long term, I guess this dress will be a test. It was fine after the first wash.

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