Completed: My First ITY Knit Dress!

I’m pretty excited about my latest dress!  It’s the first time I’ve sewn with an ITY knit.  I was a little apprehensive about it, but it turned out to be super easy.

ITY dress 4

I’ve had this fabric in my stash for maybe two years.  I wasn’t in love with the print, which is part of the reason it sat unused for so long.  But now that I’ve sewn it up, I quite like it.

ITY dress 3

The pattern I used is Simplicity 1808.  It’s a simple design, the sleeves and bodice are cut all-in-one, so you don’t have to set in any sleeves.  It also doesn’t require much fabric.  I think I used 1.5 yards.

ITY Dress Details

I wasn’t sure what size to cut, since this was my first knit dress, and I knew fitting would be different than with a woven fabric.  So I looked at the finished garment measurements (which are printed on the pattern pieces – thank you Simplicity!) and made my best guess.  I ended up blending 3 sizes (10 at bust, 8 at the waist, and 14 at the hip).  I think it turned out just right.

ITY Dress 2

The only change I made was on the sleeves.  The pattern tells you to sew a casing and add elastic, to make a fitted cap sleeve.  I tried it and found it uncomfortable and awkward looking.  So I opted to just leave the sleeves unhemmed and kind of flouncy. I love that ITY knit doesn’t ravel!

ITY Dress Details

ITY Dress Details

As for sewing techniques, I sewed this on my regular machine, with a stretch stitch (the one that looks like a lightning bolt.)  I also tried using my walking foot.  But the fabric kept sticking to it and bunching up behind the needle.  In the end, I put my regular foot back on, and didn’t have any issues.


I used a twin ball point needle for the hem.  It’s a little wonky in spots, but overall okay.  I probably just need a bit more practice with it.

ITY Dress Details

This dress came together so quickly and easily that I want to make tons more!  Plus it’s comfy and requires no ironing – perfect for days when I’m running late (which is pretty much always!)
ITY dress 1

In other non-sewing news, my little houseguest, Zoe, has gone back home to live with her momma.  🙂  We had so much fun with her, it was kind of a sad day to see her leave.

I caught a beagle

I’m really gonna miss this little beagle face.



26 thoughts on “Completed: My First ITY Knit Dress!

  1. Congratulations on your first knit dress, it looks fantastic and agree they are a quick make and so good for travelling as well. If anyone notices your hem, they are too close!!

  2. Great job, I have to say if I’d just seen the pattern itself, I wouldn’t have bothered. The pictures of your finished dress are much more inspiring. (A bit too inspiring, I’ve broken my pattern diet and ordered it;)

  3. Yay for finished garment measurements on pattern pieces! I love this dress, it looks both stylish and comfortable. I do have to ask though – what is an ITY knit? I see the term all over the place and have never been able to discover what it means!

      • Yes, Interlock Twist Yarn. From what I understand, when the fabric is made the fiber is twisted in a certain way. It creates a soft fabric with a lot of drape. I expected it to be shifty and difficult to sew, but it wasn’t.

  4. I love your dress and you have made is so atractive that I’m going to get this one pronto! As if I need more patterns! Yikes. You make is look so great!

  5. I love the shape of the dress, looks comfy!
    I have a question concerning the fabric – since ITY is pure poliester, how does it behave? Does is feel nice on your skin? Does it cling to your body or sends those little electric sparks like some poliester fabrics? I guess not because you didn’t mention anything about it.
    I’m really glad to hear about how easy it is to work with, I’d love to try it out! *^o^*

    • For 100% poly, it’s surprisingly nice. I find it’s soft and not too clingy, although I usually wear a half slip with my ITY dresses (I have several RTW ones.) It is warmer to wear than a natural fiber, so it might not be the best fabric for summer. I haven’t noticed any electric sparks.

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