A Little Incentive

One of my goals for this year is to improve the balance between my sewing time and exercising.  Because, let’s face it, it’s more fun to sew or knit than to go to the gym.  However, I realized that “improve the balance between sewing and exercise” is a pretty vague goal.  So I came up with a little incentive – a literal, and figurative carrot.  🙂


For each hour of exercise, I’ll be working my way towards . . . .a new sewing machine!!!  Based on my calculations, and weekly goals, it should take me about a year to fill the carrot, which will give me plenty of time to research and figure out what machine I want.

I put the carrot up front and center on my bulletin board, hopefully to keep me motivated.  I’ll also try to give you an update every now and then, and we’ll see how I do.  😉


What schemes have you used to motivate yourself? Want to start a carrot-filling goal of your own? You can find the carrot image I’ve used here.


19 thoughts on “A Little Incentive

  1. So, so clever! That would totally work for me! Right now I award myself a magnet on a certain part of the fridge every time I do the dishes for the week… no reward at the end, just the satisfaction of having magnets showing how much I’ve done! 🙂

  2. I used to have one of my bikes set up in my living room, and I would ride it as I watched movies… I no longer have my bike set up like that, so now I tend to sew or knit when I watch movies… maybe you could knit on a static bike and get the best of both worlds??

  3. I must be one of those rare beings that like sewing just as much as exercise. I went away for Christmas and I was going to have one free day so it was a toss up whether to take my sewing machine or my squash racket. I took my sewing machine in the end 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness, this is so clever!!! I should really try something similar because despite having a gym membership, I never use it. I don’t need a new sewing machine, maybe I could work towards more fabric? Oh wait, I’m on a fabric diet!

  5. I love this!

    Sorry if this is nosy, but what are you going to be doing for exercise? I’m not a huge fan of it (are there fans of working out?), but I REALLY like power yoga!

    • A mix of things. I have a Y membership and it offers a ton of classes, I like pilates, yoga, and spin. It also has an amazing pool, so I’ll be swimming some (probably more when it gets warmer). And sometimes I just go and use the eliptical and do the weight circuit.

  6. Good for you Marrie! I happen to love exercise, many times a run wins over sewing for me. I need to make more time for sewing because it also has many satisfying benefits that I love. Balance is so difficult to attain sometimes… a new machine is great incentive and will be well deserved!

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