DIY Thread Rack

When I was organizing Shedquarters, I knew I wanted to get my thread up on the wall where I could see it.  Previously, I jammed it all into a tiny drawer, and it wasn’t working out very well for me.

Shed Studio

I initially thought I might purchase some thread racks.  Then, one Saturday afternoon I was walking through our garage and stumbled across a piece a scrap wood that had a hole drilled near one end, and I realized I could easily make my own!

Basically, I took the piece of wood, sanded it down, painted it, and drove some nails into it.  If you’d like to make something similar, here’s a list of the materials I used:

— Wood (I used a 1 x 6 board, that is about 30 inches long.)

— Paint (I used a combination of flat and high gloss black paint. I painted flat paint around the edges as a ‘frame’ and high gloss in the middle.)

— 3″ Nails (I got the “Bright Finish” kind, with small heads so my spools would easily slip onto them.  They were smoother and shinier than the other nails I found at the hardware store.)

thread holder DIY

After I sanded and painted the wood, I marked where I wanted my nails to go. I determined I could fit 16 rows, of 3 spools wide. Then I used a small drill bit to make pilot holes for the nails.

thread holder DIY

This made driving the nails in much quicker and easier.

thread holder DIY

And that’s it! A super simple (and cheap) thread rack.

Shed Studio


14 thoughts on “DIY Thread Rack

  1. Oh, I so need to make one of these (or get my husband to!) My threads are stored in smallish boxes, and I never open the right one first time for the colour I’m looking for! Plus I never put them away, so they stand in a little group on the end of my sewing table!

  2. I need to file this away, it might just work in my newly done up sewing space. I’m currently keeping the generally used ones on a rack in the sewing machine cupboard, but this would work much better. Do you have a scheme for keeping the matching spool and bobbin together, That seems to be my main problem when I’m switching between projects

    • Yep, the opportunities to customize are endless. I probably could have come up with something more exciting than black on black. But black and white is my favorite decor.

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