Completed: McCall 5522 aka the Impossible to Photograph Blouse

Now that it’s dark when I get home from work, taking photos has become increasingly difficult.  (Grr…daylight savings time!)  I tried to get up early and take a few pics. But then I realized photographing a black blouse on an overcast morning doesn’t work very well. 😦  I tried again at night, and it’s no better. So please excuse the lack of clear photos here.  It may be the way things are for a while, unfortunately.  Anyway, onto my make…

Black Shirt

This is McCall 5522, a now out of print pattern.  It’s a button down blouse, with several options.  It’s also one of those “Made for You” patterns that comes with different cup sizes.  I made view D.

I made this pattern a couple years ago, after I had first started sewing.  The fit on that first blouse was pretty good, but the fabric choice was, um, questionable.  🙂


This time around I ordered some black Italian cotton shirting from Mood.  The difference between the quilting cotton and the shirting cotton for a top like this is night and day.  I’m really glad I revisited this pattern with a more appropriate fabric.
Black Shirt
Black Shirt

Black Shirt

I sewed the collar according to this tutorial, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out.  I will definitely be sewing all future shirt collars this way.  I’m also really happy with how my cuffs turned out.  The first time I sewed this pattern I goofed up the sleeve plackets, badly. So it felt good to get it right this time around!

Black Shirt

So that’s it, my kinda boring black blouse,that you can’t really see.  Next up, a shirt dress. Do you sense a trend here?


6 thoughts on “Completed: McCall 5522 aka the Impossible to Photograph Blouse

  1. Wow, what a great job! All your finishing is perfect 🙂 lovely shape blouse too 🙂
    The short dingy days are a huge downside of the winter to blogging AND sewing aren’t they! Especially when working with black! But winter is nice in lots of other ways 🙂

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