Completed: Emery #2

Do you ever get stuck trying to decide what your next project should be, and then find yourself not sewing anything? It happens to me from time to time. I’ve found the best solution is to turn to a pattern I’ve made before.

This time, I broke the chains of my indecision by making anotherEmery dress.

Emery #2

Before I tell you about the dress, I have to point out the location of these photos – I’m inside my nearly completed new sewing room.  So exciting!

Anyway, for this version, I used a rayon challis in a busy print.  Because the fabric is so drapey, the skirt lies pretty flat around the waist, despite all the gathers.

Emery #2

I added the short sleeves, but left off the bow and collar.  I figured those details would get lost in the print.

Emery #2

I do love the pockets!  They just melt right into the skirt.
Emery #2

Emery #2

The overhead lights made the colors go funky in this photo, but it’s going to be nice and bright in here for sewing at night – yay!

My invisible zipper turned out invisible again too!  Love it when that happens.  I thought about trying to match the print, but decided to skip it and save myself the headache.

Emery #2
Emery #2

Here’s a couple inside shots:
Emery #2
Emery #2
Emery #2

Since the skirt isn’t lined, I made a slip. (Tutorials here and here.)
Emery #2

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while and I don’t know why I waited so long.  It’s super simple.  Just a couple rectangles of Bemberg rayon and some fold over elastic.  I did french seams so it would be smooth inside and out.

Emery #2
Emery #2

As I’ve said before, Emery is a great pattern. Christine is hosting an Emery sewalong right now, so you may see another version from me before it ends. 🙂

And finally, here’s a peak at the outside of shedquarters.  It’s so close to being done! Unfortunately, the mister and I have both been sidelined by injuries, so we haven’t been up for the last bit of physical labor to finish this project. Soon though!
Emery #2


23 thoughts on “Completed: Emery #2

  1. You look wonderful and I love your slip. I’ve been wanting to make myself one for a while! It will save money on lining and time too, sounds like a win to me. Your dress is beautiful, love a busy print 🙂

  2. This is such a lovely dress! The colour and print are lovely, and it will work wonderfully across seasons. Exciting about your sewing room! One of my next projects once i finish my univeristy exams is to completely overhaul my sewing organisation

  3. Another winner! This is such a pretty fabric for fall and winter. I’m hoping to get started on my first Emery soon; it never even occurred to me to use challis. Love how this one drapes!

  4. It looks so nice! I have to admit my jaw dropped when I opened this post — I have an emery on my table right now in the same fabric except it’s the red colorway. I was a tester and the skirt in my cotton version was too full – the drapey fabric lays so nicely on yours. I’m so relieved to see it look so good. I need to instll the lining, zipper and put in the sleeves if I can find the motivation (I’m concerned with the adjustments I made so have been a little stalled out.) Hopefully my fit is half as nice as yours!

    • Ha ha, that’s awesome! I bet this fabric is really pretty in red. Can’t wait to see yours! When I made my gingham version, I actually took some of the fullness out of the skirt. But with the drape in this fabric, I added it back in and it’s not poofy. Yay for challis. 🙂

  5. Love this dress Marrie, the print is so perfect for fall! And why haven’t I made slips like yours? Great idea. I’m sure many beautiful creations will emerge from your lovely new sewing shed, So happy for you!!!

  6. Love this pattern, although havn’t bought it yet, and your version is so pretty. WOW, invisible zip insertion WIN!!!! I’m working on my first invisible zip for a skirt I’m making. Not going well. And, now after seeing yours, I feel like it’s going even worse, LOL. I have invisible zip envy! 😛

    • Invisible zippers are tricky. I find it helps to baste first, then sew. Also so slowly. I always want to rush, but when I do, it’s a mess. I also found that my zippers looked better after I bought an invisible zipper foot for my machine.

  7. EEP! I love this version! You are such a meticulous seamstress and seeing the insides is just as satisfying as seeing the outside! Thanks so much for sharing your newest Emery Dress! Oh, and a sewing shed? Yes please!!!

  8. I’m turning a lurid shade of green! Love the dress…the fabric is just perfect. Love the slip. Thank you for the links. And “shedquarters” is just amazing. I do hope you’re recovered soon so you can finish. You must be so excited!

  9. Oh wow what a beautiful dress! I’m going to need to check out the pattern for this one for sure! I need I get my butt in gear and get some slips made too! I’m super jealous of your new sewing area, I currently have to haul everything through from my kitchen to my living room table each night.

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