Completed: Bombshell Swimsuit

In my last post I mentioned that I’ve made a few things, including a Bombshell swimsuit.  So here’s a little more about that.

You’ve seen the Bombshell swimsuit right? I think me, and the rest of the online sewing community, have crushed hard on the Bombshell.  And for good reason, it’s ridiculously awesome! Here’s my first** version:
Bombshell Swimsuit
Bombshell Swimsuit

Now I will be honest with you, this is Not. Sewn. Well.  Not at all.  But that’s okay!

Bombshell Swimsuit

I don’t know what’s worse, posting pictures of myself in a swimsuit or posting this terrible sewing.  Feel like I’m bearing it all here.  🙂

This was only my second time ever sewing with a knit fabric.  You might be thinking, swimwear lycra for a knit newbie?  Are you nuts?  Your setting yourself up for failure!  Ya, probably.  🙂  Let me explain how I got here.

The first time I sewed a knit was not long after I got my sewing machine.  I made a hideous pair of pajamas.  Back then I wasn’t worried about my fabric choice.  I was happy to have figured out how to operate my machine!  I certainly wasn’t thinking about things like stretch stitches or ball point needles.  The pajamas got sewn, and even worn.  But they weren’t great.  Let’s just say my knit pajamas did not get me hooked on sewing, and I ended up taking a long hiatus from learning to sew.


The only picture of the offensive knit pajamas. Ugly, but good for a sick day at home on the couch.

When I picked up sewing again, I started with wovens and kind of fell into the “knits are scary” mindset.  I think this happened partly because of my less than inspiring first knit fabric experience.  Which is a shame because there are a lot of great knit fabrics and patterns out there that I am missing out on.  So when I saw the Bombshell pattern, I decided I didn’t want to miss out anymore!
Bombshell Swimsuit

Now, in reality I don’t actually think knits are scary. When I stopped to think about it I realized they are just different and new to me.  Different rules apply.  Fitting is different. There are new notions and settings on my machine to think about.  So it’s a little overwhelming (or maybe I’m just lazy) to learn a how to work with them.  But I couldn’t let that hold me back anymore because dang it, I WANTED a Bombshell!
Bombshell Swimsuit

What I’ve learned from this project is that my concerns were a bit inflated.  It’s still just sewing and fabric.  There were a few new things to try and mistakes to be made.  But in the end I got a cool wearable garment that I’m really proud of, despite it’s not so perfect seams.  In the future watch for some more knit projects from me.  Although maybe not in Lycra for a while. (Hey the upside to starting with this stuff was that other knits should now be easier, right??)

Some extra details:  I got the fabric at Michael Levine in LA. I normally don’t go for gold shiney stuff, but something about this fabric called to me. And it matches my sun hat perfectly!
Bombshell Swimsuit

It’s lined with a lighter-weight solid brown lycra. I think it’s a little heavier than a true lining material, but it worked fine. I also added swim cups (from sew sassy). They are a little too high though.  Next time I will be more careful with where I place them.
Bombshell Swimsuit

As I was sewing this, I was *sure* it wasn’t going to work. The seams are wonky, and the elastic is poking out in places.
Bombshell Swimsuit
Bombshell Swimsuit

But in the end it was fine, and my stitching got better too.
Bombshell Swimsuit

As everyone who has made this pattern has said, it’s great!  Good coverage without feeling frumpy.  And it’s totally doable – even if you’ve never sewn knits before!  So if you’re on the fence about making a bombshell because knits scare you, I say go for it. You won’t regret it. 🙂
Bombshell Swimsuit

**I haven’t actually made a second version, yet. But I know I will!


26 thoughts on “Completed: Bombshell Swimsuit

  1. This would be the version I would make I think it’s sooo flattering. I think you might have helped push this into my to do list, I’m a relative knit newbie too so you’ve given me a bit of confidence. Good on you for showing your lest than perfect stitching!!!

    Also I think the fabric really suits you!

  2. This looks great! And a lovely fabric choice too 🙂 I also made one…as my first ever time sewing with knits and you know what, it was fine, and I’m really glad I gave it a go!

    • It may be a little while till I make it, just because I don’t really need to swimsuits right now. But there will be another for sure, I already have the fabric for it!

  3. Marie your version is fabulous and I especially love the fabric. I made mine in gold metallic for lounging around the pool but definitely want to try another. This is a wonderful introduction to lycra!

  4. Well I did have the same problems, and I even broke two needles in my serger, which made me go back to the sewing machine. Your Bombshell is gorgeous, I think the results outweigh our stress by far 🙂

    • I broke a needle on my machine and turned to the serger! I thought about unpicking some of the poor stitching but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I think it turned out fine. The knit fabric is so forgiving.

  5. Whit whooo! I don’t know if that translates into American, but that’s kind of how you write a wolf whistle over here. I love this swim suit and think you have done an amazing job for second time round stretch sewing. I have been thinking about this pattern as a potential for next year – hopefully I will be up to that kind of challenge by next summer! It look great- you should be very proud of your suit and your self.

  6. Oh, your bombshell is sensational, you look terrific in it!! I love your fabric choice as well. Does this swimsuit look good on everybody or is it just me??? And, you should not have shown us the close-up pics, lol. I would not have known it wasn’t sewn well.

    • I think it looks good on everyone I’ve seen!
      I know, I could have left out the close up pics. But I wanted to show that even if you don’t know how to sew with knits, you can still make this and it looks fine. 🙂

  7. What a beautiful swimsuit. Those wonky seams are only visible to you. When the suit is on, you can’t tell. Keep it up with sewing knits. It’ll keep getting easier.

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