Lots of Making, Not So Much Blogging

Even though the blog has been quiet lately, a lot of making has been happening!    Here’s a taste of what’s been keeping me busy.  

I made a swimsuit . . .IMGP7326

completed a sweater . . .

worked on a super awesome secret sewing project (sorry that’s all the details I can share at the moment) . . . 

and then there’s THIS:


Shed-Quarters (aka my very own sewing studio)!

Will fill you in on more details soon!  Until then, hope everyone is having a great last bit of summer!  🙂


14 thoughts on “Lots of Making, Not So Much Blogging

  1. Wow, a sewing studio! I’m saying “Lucky” in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice 🙂

    Your sweater and swimsuit look really nice too – can’t wait til we see them in their entirety!

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  3. A sewing shed is a seriously cool idea! Do you need winterization where you live? Is that even possible with a shed? lol
    That sweater looks really lovely, will there be a post about it? And for your Bombshell? Looks like just everyone has made one of those this year, including me, lol. (http://themodernmantuamaker.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/my-bombshell/)

    You must be so excited about making that shed your perfect sewing space, looking forward to seeing it finished!

    • I just checked out your Bombshell – Love it!! The roof top pool is the perfect place for a photo shoot, just gorgeous.
      About the shed, it doesn’t snow here, and we fully insulated and finished it on the inside, so it should be plenty warm in the winter. Actually, it’s insulated better than my house, I think! The outside is nearly completed, but we have a ways to go on the inside. And, yes I will post about the sweater, hopefully soon. 🙂

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