Damaged Goods

Thank you all for the kind comments about my Hawthorn.*  Sadly I had a little accident on Monday when I wore it to work.  Somehow I caught my sleeve in my purse and tore the fabric.  😦  The hole is small, so I hope I can patch it up somehow. Otherwise, I guess I will be cutting a new sleeve.

I’m a really clumsy person, so it’s nothing new to me to ruin clothes.  But it sure hurts a lot more when it’s something that I’ve spent so many hours making.

Other than figuring out how I will fix my poor sleeve, I’ve been slowly making progress on another dress.  Here’s a peek:

*On a happier note, my dress was selected to be in the Hawthorn Parade over at the Coletterie, which lifted my spirits about having damaged it.  Hop over and check out all the other lovely versions of this pattern if you haven’t seen them already.


8 thoughts on “Damaged Goods

  1. Oh no… I hope you have enough fabric to replace the sleeve. Although you say that it is more annoying to damage clothes you’ve spent hours making, looking on the positive side there’s more opportunity to repair them with left-over scraps.

  2. Oh no how devastating!! Weren’t you having issues with those sleeves too? Well at least you’ll be an expert now if you cut a new one 🙂 and thank goodness for seam rippers!

  3. Oh no! I know exactly how this feels. Just a few months ago I made a dress that instantly became a new favourite. However, the last time I pulled it out of the wash I noticed there was a big tear in the skirt back, near-ish the bottom. I was gutted. I’m fine with patching it from underneath, since it’s the skirt back, but I don’t have any extra of the fabric. Fortunately, I made it too long and instead of cutting off the excess at the hem I just did quite a deep hem double folded. I think I can take a patch from in there to mend it, but what an annoying thing to have to do. Good luck with repairing your sleeve!

    • Good thing you made a deep hem! This makes me realize I should try to keep at least some of my scrap fabric, cause you just never know if you’ll need it. Good luck fixing your dress!

  4. Ohhh, what a bummer! I hope you’re able to repair it. This is why I don’t wear my handmades as much as I ought to – I’m clumsy too, and they’re too precious for me to take chances!

    • I’ve tried really hard to get fight my urge to “save” my handmades by not wearing them. I try to tell myself that worst case, even if I damage something beyond repair, I can always make a replacement. But it’s still a super bummer when mess something up.

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