Completed: Hawthorn Dress

Here it is, my finished dress for Colette Pattern’s Hawthorn Sew-Along.  I really love it!!

The dress is comfy, yet dressy enough for work — a win win in my book.  I’m really thrilled that it has sleeves.  I haven’t made a dress with sleeves yet, so this is a big step.  I had a few troubles with them along the way, but was able to work it out with the advice from some wise commenters.  🙂  (Thank you!)

The fabric is from my Mood haul.  I have a serious crush on it.  It’s a light weight cotton sateen, that has a slight, but not obnoxious sheen.  It also has a tad bit of stretch.  It pressed wonderfully and didn’t shine at all.  It’s machine washable too.

Oh, and I also made my first ever belt!  It’s hard to find belt making supplies, especially the fabric covered buckle kits.  I ended up getting some vintage buckles on Etsy.  This one is from 1964.
2013-07-26 20.56.02

It was a little tricky to cover the buckle.  I had to try a few times.  But I love how it turned out.  Now I want matching belts for everything!


Summary of modifications:  I cut a size 2; did a 1/2″ SBA; divided the single waist dart into two; scooped 3/8″ out of underarm to make the sleeves more comfortable; and shortened the skirt about 2 inches.

On to the details…


I had a hard time deciding on buttons. I couldn’t find anything to match the fabric. In the end I went with these matte black ones.


Inside front.  I did a Hong Kong finish on the facings.  Details on how I did it here and here.

Inside back.

I did a rolled hem.  It was faster and easier than trying to hem this thing by hand.  Also with the sateen, it’s really hard to make the hand stitches invisible.

Collar and tag.
NOTE: There’s a mistake in the pattern instructions. If you want your collar to line up properly, sew the short ends with a 1/4″ seam allowance!

Sleeve. I like the top stitching.

Overall, Hawthorn is a very wearable dress, and was pretty easy to make.  I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a twist on a classic shirt-waist dress.


Got bored taking photos.   So this will be the last one!


19 thoughts on “Completed: Hawthorn Dress

  1. It’s so great to see it finally done, it’s looks beautiful!! The colour is amazing but I especially like the belt, it turned out so well. I can totally see it with your Robson trench!!

    I always learn so much on your blog, thanks for detailing everything so intricately it’s really helpful to me.

  2. This is absolutely lovely. I really wasn’t struck with this pattern when it was released, but seeing yours in a darker colour has really made me love it.

  3. This turned out so beautiful, it’s one of my very favourite versions of Hawthorn I’ve seen! Makes me itchy to get started on my own!

  4. Wow, this is absolutely beautiful! The pattern is lovely, and the fabric you chose, so perfect for this style of dress. It gives it a vintage feel, I love it. And, the insides look awesome. I have bookmarked your link so that I will try to make the hong king finish on the next dress I sew.

  5. Beautiful dress & immaculate finishing – just lovely!! Great colour too 🙂 Isn’t sateen the bomb? I like that yours is lightweight; it has a nice drape 🙂 I made a dress out of a medium weight one awhile back, and it was too stiff in the upper bodice to hang properly 😛

    Love the shoes, too 😉

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