Completed: More PJs

My Hawthorn dress is done!  So why I am I posting about PJs?  Well I made a fabric covered belt for the dress, and still need to get a buckle, so I haven’t taken any pics yet.   (BTW, anyone have any favorite sources for belt buckles?  Good ones seem hard to find!)

Anyway, on to the less-exciting PJs.  I made up another pair based on the pattern I copied from my ratty old PJs. There’s not much to tell here.  These went together in two nights (cut the first, sewn the next) which might be a record for me. I’m such a slow sewer, makes me envious of other bloggers who can knock projects out in a matter of hours.

The fabric is a cotton lawn I ordered online somewhere.  It’s light and cool – which is a must for summer PJs.  You might recognize it.  I used it to finish my facings on my Hawthorn.  And the tie was repurposed from a package of washcloths that I bought at Target. The pre-sewing me would have tossed the ribbon out, but now I see little things like that as free notions!


6 thoughts on “Completed: More PJs

  1. First off, yay pj pants! such a practical thing to sew! 🙂
    And secondly, slow sewer high five! It used to make me jealous how fast other people were but now I just accept I’ll get it done in my own time… It’s not a race after all 🙂

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