Hawthorn Facing Tutorial Part 2

As I’ve continued to work on my Hawthorn dress, I realized that if you follow my last tutorial on finishing the facing pieces, it might lead to some issues/confusion as you work through the subsequent steps in the pattern instructions.  (Guess that’s what I get for posting a tutorial late at night, and without thinking everything through. My apologies!!)  But I think I’ve worked it out, and so here’s Part Two of the tutorial …

I suggested that if you want to do a Hong Kong finish on the facings, it should be done before the facing is sewn to the bodice. Then I noticed in the pattern instructions that after you sew the skirt onto the bodice, you are told to finish all the facings – skirt and bodice – as a single unit.  (See page 31 of the instructions.)  Oops.  So what do you do if you already finished the bodice facing??  My answer:  You finish the center fronts of the skirt pieces with a Hong Kong finish, and then sew the bodice and skirt together.

1) Trim 1/4″ off the center front of skirt, after the interfacing is applied.

NOTE: You may not need to do step one, but I did. To find out, pin the skirt to the bodice, right sides together, match up the notches and seams.  When I did that, I had 1/4″ of excess skirt fabric extending at the center front.  I trimmed it off because I wanted my finished edges be lined up.

2) Finish the skirt fronts, just like you did the bodice facing pieces.

3) Make sure your bodice facing is opened out away from the bodice.  Pin the skirt and bodice together, and sew.

4) Finish the waist seam. Then press it down toward the skirt.

5) Last, turn the facings back under and press.

Here’s how my fully finished facings look.

If you feel more comfortable following the pattern instructions, but still want nicely finished facings, just do the Hong Kong finish after the facings are installed, and the skirt is sewn to the bodice.  (Specifically, on page 31 of the instructions, substitute the Hong Kong finish for turning the outer edges of the facings under 1/4″ and stitching.)

Hope this makes sense!  If you have any questions, let me know.  🙂


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