Destination – L.A. Fashion District

Last weekend I went to L.A. for a wedding.  (Yes, I got my dress done in time! But I still need to take some decent photos.)   I made the most of my spare time, and squeezed in a visit to 3 awesome fabric shops.  In just over 3 hours, I walked away with enough fabric to cover a quarter of a football field!  Yikes!!!

2013-06-30 11.35.54

Kid in a candy store!

The first shop I visited was B Black and Sons. It’s an amazing place. They have been in business since 1922, in the same building.  They have everything you could need for making beautiful tailored garments.  And their gorgeous wool – oh my – bolts and bolts of gorgeous wool.

I tried to stay on track, and bought some tailoring supplies I can’t find at home.  I got hair canvas (actually called hymo), shoulder pads, sleeve heads, and tailor’s tape.

I also got a sleeve board.  This is a nice sturdy wood one, and it was reasonably priced.
After I got the items on my list, I decided to get one cut of wool.  The pictures don’t do it justice.  This is the nicest, most beautiful fabric I’ve ever bought (and the most expensive too).  Actually, it’s probably the nicest fabric I’ve ever owned, including my RTW suits.   With this purchase, I am tip-toeing onto dangerous ground for sure — this could be my gateway into a very expensive fabric habit.  😉


Even the selvedge is pretty!


Next, I went to Michael Levine.  I went to the regular priced store first.  This is a big place, and was really busy, which I thought was pretty cool.  It made me happy to see so many people who sew.  (I know, it’s L.A. and there are lots of people in the fashion industry – but it’s still cool to me.)

I got some swimwear fabric (planning to make a Bombshell or two), two cuts of Bemberg rayon in pretty colors I haven’t seen before, purple printed cotton lawn, and my first ponte knit.
I also picked up some tools for pattern drafting.  I got a notcher, an awl, and a needle point tracing wheel.
Next we took a quick trip across the street to the Levine Loft, but it was 97 degrees in downtown, and was way too hot up there.  Next time.

Finally, no fabric shopping trip would be complete without going to Mood.  Last time I was in L.A. I went to Mood, but got totally overwhelmed.  I did a lot better this time.  (The key was having a plan.  I had ideas about what I wanted, and how much yardage I would need for certain projects.)

2013-07-03 19.02.58

Official Mood Bag! This makes me way too excited. 🙂

I got a couple cuts of light weight cotton sateen, some red jersey, a medium weight printed sateen, some polka dot cotton, and more wool for a jacket!


One of my favorite things about Mood was the way the guy cut the fabric.  He didn’t!  He tore it (except for the knit), so the cut edge is automatically on grain.  Love this.

I had a blast, and wish I’d had more time to shop.  But I’ve got more than enough fabric to keep me busy for a while!  😉


13 thoughts on “Destination – L.A. Fashion District

  1. Ooh fabric shopping in big cities is so much fun!! We live in a teeny tiny town in Texas, where we don’t have a decent place to buy (*any*) fabric – so each time I go visit my sister-in-law in Houston I go crazy at the big fabric stores downtown!! It would be awesome living near a store like that, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t last very long and would eventually be homeless on the streets with my sewing machine and yards and yards of beautiful fabrics. 🙂

    • Ha ha! It’s easy to get carried away with so many choices. Fortunately for me (or my wallet) I hate LA traffic so that’ a big deterrent to visiting more often!

  2. You visited some of my favorite places in LA – B.Black & Sons is marvelous and when I was sewing suits/coats it was my first stop for tailoring supplies and wool. Michael Levine’s is probably my favorite store ever! I can always find what I need (and more) at Michael Levine’s 🙂

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