Sometimes Sewing Takes the Back Burner

Sadly not much sewing has happened around here lately.  I’ve had lots of plans, and little bursts of productivity here and there, but nothing much to show off.  But I don’t think it’s entirely a bad thing to have a bit of a break.  It makes me feel more excited for the projects I’ve got planned.

Part of the reason for my lack of productivity is due to having out of town company for a week, and then I went to visit my grandma for a few days.  Isn’t she the cutest?  I miss her so much and wish that we lived closer together.

2013-06-16 09.58.01

I made the blue blanket in the background. It was my second major crochet project! 

On the flight out to see her I started a new knitting project.  The pattern is called April Showers Cowl.  It’s a simple lace cowl, that is long enough to wear as a scarf or doubled up for more warmth.  My knitting output has been really slow lately, so hopefully I’ll finish this in time for fall!

2013-06-20 07.52.35

My next sewing project is to make a dress to wear to my friend’s wedding next weekend.  (Yikes . . . I better get working!)  It took me a long time to decide on the pattern.  I finally settled on Simplicity 1651:
Last night I tried the keyhole version of the bodice, and it just didn’t work for me.  The key hole was more like a large bay window, inviting the neighbors to see everything.  You can’t tell from this muslin pic, but it’s pretty bad.  The key hole isn’t that low, but the twist causes a huge gaping problem.

So for plan B, I went with the sweetheart neckline. It fits pretty well without needing any major adjustments.  Gotta love that.  I’m also going to make the full skirt.  Now I just have to decide if I want to add the cap sleeve or not.  I tend to make everything sleeveless, and I want to break that habit.  But I’m worried the sleeves might make this dress a little to sweet.  I don’t know.

This is a really crummy picture (sorry!) of the fabric I’m planning to use.
It’s a soft drapey Rayon challis.  I hope it will work with the fullness of the half circle skirt.  I’m not going to muslin the skirt, just going to go out on a limb, and hope it turns out.  We’ll see how it goes. . . .


6 thoughts on “Sometimes Sewing Takes the Back Burner

  1. Your Grandma is so lovely – I can tell she’s proud of all the things you are making!! Hahaha and that’s funny about the keyhole!! Eeep!! 🙂 This is why I always make a muslin.. you just never know how details like that will turn out. I love the sweetheart neckline, it’s going to be very flattering – especially in such a pretty fabric. Good luck with the dress! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

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