Unfinished Business: Thurlow Trousers

Months ago I started on the daunting path of sewing a pair of trousers.  Somewhere along the way I lost steam and abandoned the project.  I stuffed my half-sewn pants in the remnant bin, and that is where they lived for months.  Every time I’d pull my bin out, there they were, mocking me.

So finally, last month I’d had enough and pulled them back out onto the sewing table.   And here they are — my finished Thurlows.


I had a hard time fitting this pattern, and I’m not totally satisfied with how they turned out.  But I learned a lot, and feel like at least I know how to sew pants now.
I made my alterations so long ago that I don’t remember them.  Looking back I think I started out with too big of a size (I literally took inches out of these).  There is still a lot of wrinkling in the back.  Oh well, at least they are comfortable.

Another disappointment is that even though I dutifully practiced the welt pocket, and the practice one turned out good, the actual welts didn’t.  They are too wide and spread apart.



Open Mouth Welts – Not Hot!

I am happy with how the fly turned out though.  Fly zippers were really intimidating to me, and that was the point where I quit before.  But not anymore!

I also like my contrast fabric – keeps the insides interesting.


Although I’m not in love with these, I’m relieved they are finished!  And with my newly acquired fly-zip sewing skills, I’m feeling ready to take on my next challenge and copy a pair of my RTW shorts.  Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on “Unfinished Business: Thurlow Trousers

  1. They are great! I too got overwhelmed with the Thurlows….just tracing the pattern was daunting! So you’ve inspired me to give them a go- they cant fit any worse than to work pants I have at the moment (thats what I have to keeps reminding myself haha). great lining too.

    • Yay, good luck!! Even though the fit on these could be improved, they really do fit me a lot better than many of my RTW pants. Got to keep that in mind, it keeps things in perspective.

  2. Congratulations on finishing a forget-me-not (half-finished item). That’s always a great feeling. Your Thurlows look terrific, and I really love your contrast fabric. Those little details are what make hand-made items so much more special than off the rack. Great job on these…I’m far too terrified to try trousers just yet, but when I gather up the courage, the Thurlows will definitely be my first attempt.

  3. That is really fantastic! I’ve not worked up the courage to tackle “public” pants yet. I’m still playing with tops and skirts and dresses. The fabrics you chose are absolutely beautiful though! Kudos!

  4. They look fab to me! I have my fabric cut out but somehow haven’t been able to progress past that point… will have to try again after seeing yours.

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