Me Made May – Final Wrap Up

Is it June already?  Tell me, when did that happen?!?  Guess it’s time for my final Me-Made-May wrap up . . .

Many years ago, I worked for a television network that coined the slogan “May is Amazing” in reference to its May program lineup.  Well I think the phrase is the perfect way to describe Me-Made-May.  It’s a month of amazing handmade garments and an amazing community of like-minded people from around the globe.  In particular, I found the Flickr group to be an inspiring, fun, and incredibly supportive group.  Every day I looked forward to seeing everyone’s handmade items, and reading all the kind and positive comments.  I love Me Made May, and I’m a little sad it’s over.  But I won’t miss the daily photos.  I’m not good at getting myself together in the morning.  🙂

Here’s how the last two weeks of May looked for me.  On the 20th, I wore my Miette cardigan, and noticed how many bugs are living off my hedge. Yucky.

MMM 13 - May 20

On the 21st, I wore my Simplicity 2703 dress.
MMM 13 - May 21

On the 22nd, I had a rare chance to wear jeans to the office, and I wore my Modified Sorbetto.  Buddy thought the camera remote was a treat.
MMM 13 - May 22

So he tried to sit and behave.

What a good boy!

The following day was a repeat of my pre-blog sweater from the second week, and I didn’t have time to get a photo.

On Friday, the 24th, I wore my Peony dress.  Buddy waited patiently while I grabbed a couple photos before heading out for his walk.
MMM 13 - May 24

On the 28th, I wore my floral Sorbetto top again, and I saw a crow checking me out from the roof.
MMM 13 - May 28

On the 29th, I wore my new Portrait Blouse and Pencil Skirt from Gertie’s book.
MMM 13 - May 29

On the 30th I wore my Hazel dress.
MMM 13 - May 30

On the 31st I wore my Blue Rose Truffle dress to work.
MMM 13 - May 31

And then I wore my Red Truffle dress later that night to the theater.  Sadly I ruined this dress shortly after taking the picture.  I snagged it on something and got a big, unfixable run right up the front.  I knew this dress wouldn’t have a long life because I used really really cheap fabric, so I wasn’t too heart broken.  One of these days, I’ll take the lining out and remake it in a nicer fabric.
MMM 13 - May 31

In the end, I surpassed my original goal of wearing something me made 3 times a week. Turns out I wore me mades to work every day but one.  I also completed 2 new garments, made significant progress on the tailored jacket, and finished an old UFO (blog post coming soon).

Not sure what’s next.  Right now I’m digging through my patterns and looking at my fabric and trying to find a good match.


9 thoughts on “Me Made May – Final Wrap Up

  1. Can’t wait to see that tailored jacket!

    Re cardigan patterns- it’s not a cardigan more of a light jacket but I just picked up Tessuti’s Tokyo jacket, thought you might be interested if you haven’t already seen it.

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