Completed: Gertie’s Portrait Blouse & Bonus Sorbetto

Part of my Me-Made-May challenge was to sew two garments this month.  And I did it.  🙂  Although I feel like a bit of cheat because I used the same fabric for both!

[Warning: there’s a lot of polka dots in this post!]

The first was the Portrait Blouse from Gertie’s Book.  I made a quick muslin, and was satisfied with the fit without any major changes.  So far, of the two patterns I’ve made from the book, they’ve fit really well, and I’ve avoided the dreaded muslin madness.  Thank you Gertie!

MMM 13 - May 29

Worn with the Pencil Skirt, also from Gertie’s book.

Since I’m a sucker for polka dots, I wanted a version like the one in the book.  I had some left over polka dot fabric fabric from my Licorice Dress that fit the bill.  It’s a fairly drapey rayon, and is nice and cool to wear.  Perfect for summer.
I omitted the facings, and used bias tape instead.  I was worried the pre-made stuff would be too stiff (it always is for me) so I made my own from a scrap of Bemberg rayon lining.  I wish it was white, but the cream works okay.
This blouse has a side zipper, which I was weary of at first.  But after wearing it all day today, it turns out it’s fine.  Wasn’t itchy or anything.  All in all, the Portrait Blouse gets two thumbs up.

While I had my fabric spread for cutting out the Portrait Blouse, I realized I had enough to squeeze out another Sorbetto.  So, that became my second completed garment for the month.

I didn’t want a high contrast edge on the neckline and armholes, so I made matching bias tape from the main fabric.

Since I’ve made this top a few times before, this went together really fast. I like this version because I can wear it to work with a skirt (like I did a few days ago) or toss it on with jeans.

I feel kinda lame that I made two polka dot tops, but hey, my Me-Made-May sewing challenge is complete!   And now I have some new separates to wear, which I really needed.  🙂


14 thoughts on “Completed: Gertie’s Portrait Blouse & Bonus Sorbetto

  1. I’m liking the polka dot commitment! Well done on getting your MMM pledge complete – I only said I would make pjs, but have made two more articles as well as nearly finishing a third, so I think I completely underestimated how competitive I can get with myself. Maybe there is time for a quick Sorbetto too? Yours looks fab with jeans.

  2. Excellent job on both. The skirt is something I wore in the 80’s to work. I worked for the phone company and had a rust and forest green wool skirts.

    • Thanks! This is the first really high waisted skirt I’ve owned, other than a Jordache Jean skirt from the 80’s that I got for a party a couple years ago. I have to say I’m loving it.

  3. You look good in polka dots! I’ve thought about making up the portrait blouse but wasn’t sure how it sits at the hips, is it supposed to be fitted all the way from the waist to the hem?

  4. Both are very nice! I especially am glad to see the Sorbetto in the drapey fabric. I’ve wanted to give it a try but many of the versions I see are too boxy to be flattering on me.

    • This fabric is drapey and a little heavy, I think it was marked as a rayon shirting. I also lengthened the top by 2-3 inches. I think the extra length helps reduce the boxiness too.

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