Me Made May Week 3 & Tailored Jacket Update

Before I get too far into the fourth week of Me Made May, I guess I should recap week three!

On Monday, I didn’t wear anything me made.  I was getting an award at work, and wanted to wear a specific suit that doesn’t go with any of my me made tops.  Even though I skipped Monday, I still exceeded my three-garments-a-work-week pledge!

On Tuesday, I wore one of my oldest dresses, my first Colette Truffle. This was the first dress that I made that I really liked wearing.

MMM 13 - May 14

Wednesday I wore a brand new Sorbetto top that I made the prior weekend.
MMM 13 - May 15

Thursday I wore another new (and un-blogged) me made.  This is the pencil skirt from Gertie’s book.  It’s a wonderful pattern, and I really love this skirt.  I want to make some more tops to go with it that are good for tucking in to the high waist.
MMM 13 - May 16

Friday I wore one of my most favorite me made dresses, a modified Truffle.  In case it wasn’t obvious, Friday’s photo theme was “hat.”  I didn’t wear the hat to the office, I swapped it out for a black sweater.  But it was fun to pose with.

Saturday I actually managed to wear a me made skirt, but didn’t take any pictures. It was this skirt, that I made for vacation last fall.

I also worked on the tailored jacket. The never ending tailored jacket.

I put the shoulder pads and sleeve heads in (which took a ridiculously long time), hemmed the jacket and sleeves (took another ridiculously long time), and constructed and installed the lining. Here’s a couple shots of the inside, right before stitched the lining.  It might not look like much, but there’s loads of hand stitching in there, and all the different layers add important structural elements to the jacket.
All that’s left is to hem the lining, add buttons, and press it a final time!  I’m glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


9 thoughts on “Me Made May Week 3 & Tailored Jacket Update

    • Thanks! It’s a really well drafted pattern. The darts hit all the right places, the only alteration I had to make was to take the waist in a tiny bit. I also made the waistband more narrow and shortened the skirt a little.

  1. It’s hard to believe that May is almost over…You looked great all week! Good for you! I’m loving your pencil skirt, I think I have to look into that pattern in Gertie’s book.

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