Me Mad May – Week Two

Week two of Me-Made-May is over, and I exceeded my ‘3 garment a work-week’ challenge — I wore me mades to work every day last week!

Monday I wore my floral Sorbetto with a suit, and since it was rainy and cool, I also wore my Robson Coat.
MMM 13 - May 6

Tuesday was another dreary day, so I wore a hand knit scarf with a RTW corduroy jacket. This will likely be the last time I get to wear the jacket until fall, it’s too thick for warmer weather.
MMM 13 - May 7

I was running late Wednesday morning, so here I am right before I rushed off to work with tailoring class supplies in tow. I wore a hand knit sweater with one of my favorite RTW dresses. (The sweater is pre-blog. I knit it with lace weight yarn –eep! I like the finer gauge, but it took a long time to finish.)
MMM 13 - May 8

Thursday I wore my Mad Men Challenge dress.  Not sure about this cardigan with it.  I really need to find a few new cardigans.
MMM 13 -May 9

Friday I wore my gray Licorice Dress.
MMM 13 - May 10
This week’s Friday theme was to take a picture in your sewing/knitting/creative space.  This is my sewing room.  I love it and spend so much time in here!  It’s set up for functionality.  From my chair, almost everything I use/need is within a swivel.  Even the computer is close by.  It’s out of frame, to the right of the bookcase.

Then after work, I changed into some me made pjs, and did a little knitting in my other creative space:  the armchair in the living room.  (I’m working on my Audrey in Unst cardigan, which is getting close to being done.  It’s about time, I only started this like last year ago!)
MMM 13 - May 10, part 2

Again, I didn’t wear anything me made this weekend.  What this year’s challenge has taught me is that I need to start sewing knits and make a few comfy casual things.  I did make two new tops (details later) and worked on the tailored jacket.  Here’s how it pretty much looks right now:


Extra points if you can spot the dog.

How is Me-Made-May going for you, if you are participating?


7 thoughts on “Me Mad May – Week Two

  1. I’m on the lookout for a cardigan sewing pattern, don’t know if you’re planning to make or not but if you are let me know if you find one.

    MMM is so fun but let me tell you squeezing in those photo shoots before heading out the door in the morning in a nightmare. I really need to get more organised.

    • I’ve thought it would be great to sew some cardigans, as I’m usually unhappy with the RTW ones I find. I haven’t found a pattern yet, but will let you know if I find a good one! I agree about the mmm photos, even if I lay out my clothes and get the camera ready the night before, I’m still rushing around last minute. I just don’t move fast in the morning.

  2. I can see the dog! Your jacket looks amazing – but complicated. My MMM has hit a rut and I’m keen to get on with something easy, but the weather here is not making progress, so I’m stumped for something warm ish and easy. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks, it’s been a lot of work. I don’t know how many fully tailored jackets I will make in the future, but I’m glad to have had the experience at least once. As for quick and warmish . . . that’s a tough one. Maybe a long sleeve Sewaholic Renfrew? (I don’t even own the pattern, so I guess I’m not really qualified to recommend it, but I see a lot of them floating around the mmm flickr group!)

  3. Do you think you would knit some cardigans some day? That is my goal, guess I better learn how to knit! haha 🙂

    • I’ve knit a couple, but it’s a pretty slow process for me, especially since I tend to spend more time sewing. So, I’m not really able to supply my own demand. 🙂

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