Me Made May – Week One Down

The first week of Me-Made-May is done, and I met my goal of sporting me-mades to work at least three times.
On Wednesday (The first day, you’ve seen this one before), I wore my red Sorbetto Top.
MMM 13 - May 1

On Thursday, I wore my Blue Rose Truffle.
MMM 13 - May 2
It was SO sunny Thursday morning, it was a shame to have to go to work!

Friday I wore my Licorice Dress.
MMM 13 - May 3
Friday’s photo theme was water – so I posed by the “watering hole” in my kitchen.

I didn’t wear any me-mades today.  😦  I go for comfort on weekends and mostly wear knits and jeans (or pj’s!).  Since I haven’t learned how to make t-shirts yet, my me-made options are seriously lacking. I’m hoping to tackle learning to sew knits soon though!

Even though I didn’t wear any handmade garments today, I did work on one! I got behind in my tailoring class, so I’ve been catching up on my jacket. Been working on setting the collar.
2013-05-02 21.08.10
2013-05-02 21.21.11

I realized that I really needed a point pressure, for pressing the seams open around the collar. So I rummaged around the garage and made one!
2013-05-04 16.38.03
2013-05-04 16.38.142013-05-04 16.39.10

It’s just two pieces of scrap wood, connected with two screws and sanded down. I will probably go back and sand down a point on one end. It’s a little on the small side, compared to the ones you can buy, but it worked fine for what I needed it to do today.  Gotta love cheap homemade sewing tools, right?!


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