The Winner Is . . .

The winner of my blog-iversary giveaway and this Gertie Pattern is . . .

Giveaway Winner

I will be in touch to get your postal address, and will get the pattern shipped your way!

Thanks to everyone else for entering and for your kind comments.  I should have some more finished projects to post soon (really!).  I’ve been fighting with a cold for a few weeks, so finishing projects and getting pics just hasn’t happened.  😦


2 thoughts on “The Winner Is . . .

  1. Hurray! I am delighted to be the recipient of such a lovely pattern, Thank you for having holding the giveaway and thank the sewing gods for letting me win. I am just about to start on my very first sewn article today (pj bottoms) before I move onto more complicated things like a skirt and a cami top, so it may be a while before I have the nerve to venture on to Gertie. But I promise I will share the results with you when I do. Happy birthday once again!

    • Best of luck with your pj bottoms!! Those were one of my first projects too. No pressure to use the pattern, it will be there for you when you are ready. 🙂

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