How Did I Live Without …

Ever get a new sewing notion or tool, and think “how did I ever live without this?!?”   That was exactly my thought after getting this:
My first rotary cutter and cutting mat!
Cutting out has always been my least favorite part of sewing.  I dread it.  And it used to take me forever.  But not any more!  (Well, I still don’t like it, but I think I hate it a little less.)  I am surprised at how much faster it is to use the rotary cutter.  I was scared of it at first, and thought maybe it wouldn’t work well for garments.  But I’ve found that if I am patient and careful it works great.
I opted to get a large mat (actually it’s three large pieces that get clipped together) and a size 45 mm cutter (I read that this was the best size for garments). I’m happy with both choices, except the mat smelled really bad when I first got it. I soaked it in the bathtub with some dish soap and then left it in the garage to air out before I could handle keeping it in my sewing room.  The other bonus, the rotary cutter is much kinder to my wrist than shears!  Yay for great sewing tools!!

As a bonus, here’s my first rotary cut project – a muslin of Gertie’s pencil skirt!  (This pattern is awesome, btw.  Finished pics hopefully soon!)
Gertie Skirt Muslin


9 thoughts on “How Did I Live Without …

  1. i agree! a rotary cutter and mat saves so much time, but watch your fingers 🙂
    the one revelation i stumbled upon somewhat recently is pattern weights – forget about pinning before cutting – just weigh down the pattern with anything solid (weights, stones, books…) and cut away with your rotary cutter. huge time saver!

    • Will watch the fingers for sure! I can be pretty uncoordinated, so I’ve been super careful when cutting. I agree on the pattern weights too. I got some heavy duty washers from the home improvement store that work really well.

  2. Yesssss, I love my rotary cutter too. I found it…. revolutionary! (Get it? Bad puns, ahh). But seriously, yay, I’m glad you love it!

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