Jacket Tailoring – More Pad Stitching

My jacket is coming along.  This weekend I got caught up on my homework, which entailed a lot of hand stitching.  I pad stitched the lapels:
Pad Stitched Lapel

And taped and stitched the roll line:
Pad Stitched Lapel
I think I’m about done with the inner construction of the jacket front now.
Pad Stitched Lapel
Here you can see the roll of the lapel (this is without any pressing or steaming).
Pad Stitched Lapel
Pad Stitched Lapel
It’s amazing to watch and feel the fabric transform into a structured garment.


4 thoughts on “Jacket Tailoring – More Pad Stitching

  1. Your pad stitching is amazing. I don’t do much of it anymore, because I have opted for easier methods, but knowing how to do it is very important and yours looks soooo good! 🙂

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