In Progress: Butterick 5032

To prove that I am, in fact, sewing a dress that’s not based on the Truffle pattern, thought I’d show you what I’m working on:
2013-03-10 13.24.17
I’m going for the yellow version.  I really love the front pleats.
2013-03-10 13.24.30
I got the muslin done, and now I’m just waiting on my fashion fabric to arrive in the mail!  I am really pleased with this pattern, it pretty much fit right out of the envelope, and I only had to do a few alterations.
2013-03-16 21.44.19

I ordered some plum colored cotton sateen and some black wool blends.  Not sure which I’ll use, got to wait and see how it looks in person.  That’s the bummer with online shopping.

Speaking of fabric shopping, I had a brief encounter with Mood L.A. last week.  I was in L.A. for a conference and had just enough time to stop in walk around for a bit before they closed.  I got overwhelmed and unfortunately left empty handed. 😦

2013-03-13 18.43.57

So many choices!

Next time I go to L.A., I’m going with a plan and more time!


4 thoughts on “In Progress: Butterick 5032

  1. Your dress will be beautiful!

    I was stressed when I was last at Mood because Luke and Frankie were in the car waiting. It’s hard to shop when people are waiting for you and you have so many options!

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