Completed: Rose Truffle Dress

I was in the mood for a quick, instant gratification kind of sewing project.  So I turned to my tried and true Truffle pattern.  Since I’ve made the this pattern so many times, I thought I’d knock out in a few days.  But sometimes things don’t turn out like you plan.

Anyway, without further adieu – here’s my Rose Truffle:
Rose Truffle

On this version I raised the neckline, moved the zipper to the side, lengthened the skirt, and of course went ruffle-less.  I also fully lined the dress, and drafted neck facings.

Rose Truffle
I moved the zip to the side so I wouldn’t have to match the fabric on a center back seam.  I also just like how side zips look.
Rose Truffle
I handpicked the zipper again, which has become my go-to method.  This time I added light interfacing to the seam allowance before installing the zip and I think it gives the lap more structure, and it sits more smoothly.
Rose Dress Details
Rose Dress Details
As for the lining, I finished the edge of the facings with a hong kong finish, in a contrasting color.  This is my favorite detail of this dress.
Rose Dress Details
As usual, the Truffle pattern didn’t let me down, and I’m really happy with this version!
Rose Truffle
More details:

Rose Dress Details


Rose Dress Details


Rose Dress Details

Rose Dress Details

Lining. (Those are sun spots btw, and not a problem with the fabric.)

Rose Dress Details

Rose Dress Details

And in case you’re thinking I only sew Truffles, I swear, I’m working on a different dress pattern right now!  🙂


14 thoughts on “Completed: Rose Truffle Dress

  1. Absolutely beautiful dress. It’s inspiring to a newbie to see what can be achieved. Thank you for sharing 😉

    • Welcome. 🙂 I really only started sewing garments in earnest last January. I think you can do anything with sewing you put your mind to, it just takes patience and practice.

  2. I just linked to your blog from the Ravelry forum. This dress is outstanding! You really nailed it with the print you chose, and the fabric looks gorgeously suited to the pattern!

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  4. This is so gorgeous!! I’m about to tackle the Truffle myself, and just love looking through the different versions you’ve made on Flickr! I’m really intrigued with the way you included interfacing on the zipper seam allowance – I found a good article on how to do that in Threads, and have bookmarked it for my next hand-picked zipper (my go-to method as well!). 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • I think it helps the lap keep its shape. The first few handpicked zips I did, I didn’t interface, and I can tell the difference. I think I bookmarked that same Threads article! 🙂

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