Completed: Traveling Woman Shawl

Whenever I need a relaxing knit, I like to turn to a pattern I’ve made before.  That’s exactly what I did with my latest project: the traveling woman shawl.  (my Ravelry notes here.)  This is the fifth time I’ve knitted this pattern!
Travelling Woman
The original version of this pattern is available for free.  Although there is a revamped version of this pattern for sale, I personally find the free one is fine.  (If you are looking at the pattern’s Ravelry page, scroll all the way to the bottom to find the link to the free version.)  It knits up into a nice little shawl, that I wear as a scarf.

I knitted this with Malabrigo Sock yarn, in the Cote D’Azure colorway.  It’s a lovely deep blue with dark purple undertones. This was my first time using Malabrigo, and it is a lovely soft yarn.  I will definitely use it again!
Travelling Woman
Travelling Woman

Travelling Woman

Finally here’s a peek at the the yarn I’m using for my next project:


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