Boat Curtains in Action

Months ago I made some curtains for my Dad’s sail boat.  When we went for a visit a couple weeks ago, we went down to the dock, and I finally got to see them in action.
2013-02-10 14.58.17

Sorry, these pics aren’t very good – it’s hard to get a good shot inside the boat!
Boat curtains 3
Boat curtains 2

The curtains ended up matching the boat’s blue cushions perfectly, which was surprising because I ordered the fabric online without ever seeing the inside of the boat! (You can just barely see the top of the cushion below.)
Boat curtains

I was worried these might not work, but they turned out fine. It’s so nice to see my handmade gift being used. Even more so because I didn’t love making these curtains! 😉 Isn’t it the best feeling when your sewn or knitted gifts are appreciated?


4 thoughts on “Boat Curtains in Action

    • Thanks! I was happy the pattern matching worked, because I barely had enough fabric to do it. These were also a little nerve-wracking to make since I’d never even seen the boat. (I just had him mail me the old curtains to use as a template.) Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the boat, other than it’s a sail boat. 🙂

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