Jacket Tailoring

Two of my goals for this year were to take another sewing class and to make a jacket. Well, I found a way to  knock out both at the same time!  I’m taking a class on how to sew a tailored jacket.  I’m really excited for this one because reading about hair canvas and pad stitching and roll lines makes my eyes glaze over a bit.  I feel like I need a little hand-holding to learn this stuff.
Tailoring class

For this class, the teacher didn’t want to get bogged down trying to fit 30 different patterns, so she provided the pattern for class.  It’s a fairly classic men’s style jacket, with a notched collar, double welt pockets, and a full lining.  Check out this mess of pattern pieces!

Since we don’t have time this semester to spend weeks in muslin madness, we were instructed to trace our closest size, make a few alterations and get sewing!  Our teacher had pre-made muslins of the three available sizes, and we tried them on in class and pinned them out to determine what changes to make to the pattern.  I think it was a pretty efficient way to get through fitting.  My jacket probably won’t fit perfectly.  But that’s okay.  The goal here is to learn the techniques.  I can drive myself mad with fitting another day.  🙂

That being said, I did make a muslin of my own, to test some of my flat pattern changes.  I think it’s good enough.

This weekend I’m planning to cut into my wool fabric.  I’m excited, this will be my first time sewing with wool!

Also, I want to say thank you for the kind and supportive comments on my last post about Abby.  They really meant a lot to me.  I’m doing better and am getting back to my normal routine.  Hopefully you will see some more sewing soon!


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