Happy New Year!

2012 was good to me. I’ve sewn consistently throughout the year, started my blog, started a new job that I love, hosted a quincienera for my pup, went to Hawaii (twice!), completed a 5k, took a few classes, spruced up my sewing room, did a little knitting, and then did some more sewing.

collage 2012

As for sewing, there were a lot of firsts, some fits of frustration, but overall a ton of fun and I feel like I have accomplished a lot. Inspired by Gillian, here’s some of my hits and misses of the year:

Top 5 of 2012

Without a doubt, my first and third Truffle dresses and the dotted Licorice dress.
Truffle Dress
Truffle #3
Licorice Dress

Also on the list are my Miette sweater and floral Sorbetto top. I wear both of these regularly.
Me Made May 5-18
Me Made May 5-16

My first two projects of 2012, the ugly orange blouse and Meringue skirt. The blouse is a miss because of the fabric. I plan to revisit this sometime this year because I could really use more tops in my wardrobe.
The Meringue skirt is a miss because it just doesn’t fit right (it’s got an annoying crotch-level wrinkle that I never could get rid of) and the fabric is cheap-o!
Finished Meringue
Next miss is the gold Truffle dress. I never wear this because the color is just too much for me. Also the fabric is too stiff and wrinkles a lot.
Truffle #2

Then there’s the gray Licorice. Again, it rarely gets worn. This was another fabric miss. It’s too wrinkly and looks terrible after about 30 seconds.
Licorice Version 2

Finally, the too-small Miette. I feel like knitting fails like this are worse than sewing fails because of the amount of time wasted.
miette 3 too small

Lessons learned/Reflections:
Fabric choice really matters. Most of my misses were due to cheap and/or poor fabric choices. Note to self: stop being cheap!
Sewing = patience. I get the best results when I slow down and don’t rush through.
Don’t be scared! Even if something seems “too hard” or beyond your skills, try it anyway. If this hadn’t been my mindset, I’d probably still only be making pajama pants, or worse yet, would have given up on sewing because it was boring me. I like a challenge and I love learning new things. The most useful things I learned this year were how to fully line my garments, do hand-picked zippers, and a bit about pattern drafting.
The online sewing community is amazing. This year I participated in Sew Colette, Me Made May, and started my blog! Each of these experiences has been invaluable in terms of learning from and connecting with others who are as excited about sewing as I am. I am truly thankful for all of it, especially the kind comments left here, I appreciate each and every one of them!

Plans for 2013:
What am I going to do next year?? I’m not much of a New Year’s resolution maker. But I do have some goals. I’d like to 1) sew a jacket; 2) learn how to use a rotary cutter; 3) take another sewing class; 4) make something with knit fabric; and 5) a surprise! (Hint, it involves building, like with wood and nails and all that. More to come soon, I promise.)

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!


11 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. You have made some fabulous stuff!
    Oh and I recently finished my first fully lined dress and it was hell to figure out, lol. If you have any info on how to do it let me know!

    Sounds like you have a fabulous year planned and I hope I can get as good at sewing as you 🙂

    • We had such a fun time with the quinceanera, they are a big deal where we live, so when she turned 15, it just seemed a natural thing to do! I’m hoping she will make it to see her sweet 16 so we can throw another party and I can make her another fancy collar.

  2. Hi Marrie, the patterns arrived today, yah! Thanks so much. I agree with Jenny above, you are very talented. Cheers, Catherine

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